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avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 01 May. 2022

How do you cheer your friend up?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 18 Apr. 2022

What do you believe one should (necessarily) bring with them on a trip?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 16 Apr. 2022

How does one develop taste for alcohol?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 10 Apr. 2022

What is the weirdest thing (in your eyes) that society accepts as the norm?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 31 Mar. 2022

How do you know if a person is being genuine with you?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 28 Mar. 2022

Do your dreams or nightmares have an impact on your mood or routine?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 24 Mar. 2022

Do you dress up to get compliments?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 17 Mar. 2022

How to have a good time with friends?

Rather than just spending time lounging around or going to regular old places, how do I make more memories with my friends? 

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 13 Mar. 2022

Why do people enjoy watching horror movies?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 09 Mar. 2022

How does one deal with someone who continuously nags at you?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 04 Mar. 2022

What time of the day works best for you?

For relaxing and working. I figured that I would enjoy relaxing during the afternoon. I would either nap or engage in something creative during this time. Early morning hours work best for me in completing tasks and getting a head start on things..

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 28 Feb. 2022

How is a crush different from being in love ?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 07 Feb. 2022

Which Harry Potter character do you identify with the most or consider to be your favourite?

On this note, please do share which house you belong to too!

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 23 Jan. 2022

How do you express your love?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 20 Jan. 2022

If you were to, how would you plan a picnic out?

I really want to go for a picnic with my friends, but am unsure of how to go about it. Hopefully, when things get better, we can get on with it. I'm hoping to get some ideas to incorporate them into my plans!

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 08 Jan. 2022

What are the qualities you look for in a partner?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 06 Jan. 2022

Why do some people turn to shopping for relief?

For me, shopping is stressful. Finding the right fit, colour, and quality seems like an exam I have to go through, but I've seen many of the people around me going shopping to relax themselves. Is it relieving for you too?

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Updated 30 Dec. 2021

What are some much needed skills I should focus on?

Whether they be professional or everyday ones, I'd like to be more aware of them so I can develop and improve myself more.

avatar Pritika Thakur ·
@pritika98 | Posted 28 Dec. 2021

How do you know you're happy?