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avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 13 Oct. 2021

Has the lack of structure in modern romance pushed people towards alternative forms of intimacy?

I have noticed that most people now set more concrete ground rules and conditions for their unlabelled relationships in lieu of getting into conventional romantic couples. It is excellent that we are more conscious of how to proceed with our relationships and that people are more confident about voicing their needs and limits. It has, however, made me realize that a lot of these people, myself included, don't want anything outlandish or new. We all want to be treated with respect and expect the... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 10 Oct. 2021


Visualize this, almost all the cells in your body have a nucleus. The nucleus contains your DNA which is the blueprint to your physical and mental self. Everything you are physically, mentally, and on a molecular level is stored in this DNA. Considering the complexity of our bodies as well as the accumulated excess DNA from evolution, the DNA should be a hefty set of molecules! True to that, if extended to its full length, the human DNA comes out to be six feet long. That is two meters worth of... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 25 Sep. 2021

If I said you have a six-foot-long net to physically catch pathogens in your white blood cells would you believe it?

The human body really is amazing!

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 18 Sep. 2021

How does one file taxes if they're self-employed?

I'm not sure I understand how people do their taxes in general very well. I am even more confused about how people who run businesses or are self-employed do it. Does anyone have any insight into this matter? It is mostly a curiosity question, and I would love to hear from people with first-hand experience.

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 18 Sep. 2021

How should one combat recurrent neck pain?

As we get older, our bodies become less agile and a lot more vulnerable to injury. It may not be entirely accurate for all of us, but it seems true for most. One major issue that I hear about from friends and family is stiff necks and shoulders. We spend so much of our time in front of screens, be it a laptop, phone, or kindle that the consequent bad posture seems to have become a part of our life. What are some ways in which we can avoid this? Do you have any personal hacks to work on bad... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 15 Sep. 2021

What are some good ways to beat quarantine blues?

Many people are required to quarantine due to work and travel requirements these days, and it can be a really isolating experience. How do you think one can tackle these moments of solitude bordering on loneliness? What has helped you come out of these periods of self-isolation as well-rested as opposed to emotionally frayed? 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 05 Sep. 2021

Which books would you recommend for young people looking to get better at handling their finances?

I've heard great stuff about some books like Rich dad poor dad, The little book of commonsense investing, etc. What are some books or podcasts that you'd recommend? Feel free to drop some of your personal tips that you wish someone had given you sooner. 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 01 Sep. 2021

The fascinating case of the Prions!

The role of proteins in living systems is not at all obscure. It is no doubt that proteins are the building blocks of our body, and proteinaceous enzymes, hormones, factors, etc., are of the utmost importance for the proper functioning of biological systems. All things in nature have some imperfections, and so sometimes the proteins in our bodies malfunction too. One such protein abnormality on our bodies gives rise to prions. Abnormally folded specific normal cellular proteins are called... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Updated 28 Aug. 2021

What is an unconventional life hack you stand by?

We always hear the usual hacks and advice, but sometimes people have a lot of unconventional advice that seems to work a lot better than you'd expect. So what are some of the unconventional hacks that you swear by? 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 20 Aug. 2021

How do you feel about lazy journalism?

In recent years, the fire has left journalism. It seems like most people are either complacent or corrupt. Magazines, online and otherwise, seem to be filled with senseless articles and overused concepts. I sometimes wonder if this is due to the widespread use of social media and such for spreading information? Are there any reliable and interesting places on the internet and in real life anymore?

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 19 Aug. 2021

You've heard of infectious organisms but have you heard of infectious proteins?

It sounds odd to call a protein infectious, doesn't it? Proteins are a product of cellular processes. Surely they can't have an independent existence of their own, or can they?It is interesting to realise that we descended from proteins too. The beginning of life can be traced back to nucleic acid and protein aggregates that existed freely until they got together and formed the first cell. 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 18 Aug. 2021

What are some online platforms that offer help to people struggling with their mental health?

A lot of people struggle to seek help to better deal with their emotions. Pre-pandemic, people struggled to find the energy to be able to walk into an office and talk to someone about something so personal. The struggle has intensified now because they don't have the option to simply walk in and talk to a professional. If one gets over their issues with the social situations, they find it difficult to afford therapy and the list of reasons not to get help increases. Do you have any... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 13 Aug. 2021

What are your thoughts on envy?

I often find people using the words envy and jealousy interchangeably. Do you think envy and jealousy are the same? I personally feel that envy is a stronger emotion than jealousy. Jealousy is more about other people and what they have,, but envy is more personal and says a lot more about what an individual yearns for. Envy seems like a sadder emotion too, and it doesn't necessarily want to act negatively or impulsively. Envy is closer to pining for me and makes it a little more romantic than... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Updated 13 Aug. 2021

Down's Syndrome -

Genetic disorders are a relatively unknown set of often rare disorders, not even to get diagnosed. The recent advances in technology have allowed researchers to learn more about the root causes behind various syndromes, disorders, etc., which were inadequately studied before. Rare genetic disorders can result from multiple things; they can be due to consanguineous relationships, environmental factors, teratogenic factors etc. Genetic anomalies can be anything from polydactyly to severe... (More)

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 09 Aug. 2021

Do you think anonymity always leads to people turning to a worse version of themselves?

I have noticed that being anonymous tends to bring out the worse in people. A good example would be on social media and spaces like confession pages etc. A bigger example would be of people on the dark web where they are pretty much untraceable. Does anonymity always do that to people, and are we all just one step away from losing humanity and morals? 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 06 Aug. 2021

What are your tips for job seekers, especially for freshers?

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 04 Aug. 2021

Do you know about genetics and how changes in your genes may result in disorders?

Genetics is relatively unknown to the masses, and thus genetic disorders often get clubbed into an unspoken category of disorders. What do you know about genes, and how do you think they affect your life? 

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 02 Aug. 2021

What is your idea of a perfect date?

I find that it is different for different people and I'm curious to know how the idea of a good first date varies between people.

avatar Osheen Sharma ·
@Osheen.Sharma | Posted 31 Jul. 2021

Have you watched the Fear Street Trilogy?

I saw some trailers and reviews and found them intriguing. Has anyone here seen it? Is it a good one?