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In Islam Allah tells us that He is the only creator and sustainer of all that exists and that nothing and no one exists alongside Him, He dont have any partners. He tells us that He is not created, nor is He like His creation in anyway.He always has existed and He never was created, as He is not like His creation, nor similar to it, in any way.


@anees.avyanna1 | 12 Mar. 2021
Posted at: Is there a God?

Thus, for semen collection from captive kept capercaillie both methods can be used ... of males using the dummy female method, each pair being replicated twice. ... in the failure to collect semen samples (2.6% overall) nor any difference in age, ... of different sperm selection methods applied to the same llama ejaculate.


@anees.avyanna1 | Posted11 Mar. 2021
Posted at: Does applying semen work as an anti-aging for the skin as claimed by Jennifer Lopez?