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avatar Nick Carlos ·
@twinkling_star | Posted 20 Dec. 2020

Next big thing in mobile tech?

Mobile industry has been focusing on processor speed, RAM and camera megapixels. Which new technology do you think would be driving mobile sales or would be something that mobile industry would be focusing on and marketing?

avatar Nick Carlos ·
@twinkling_star | Posted 01 Dec. 2020

Covid19 vaccine availability?

We have been hearing a lot about the development and trials of coronavirus vaccine from various pharmaceutical companies. Some reportedly have more than 90% efficacy. However, the big question is that when will it be available for general public? Also, how long would it take to distribute the vaccine to the whole mankind?

avatar Nick Carlos ·
@twinkling_star | Posted 14 Nov. 2020

How do you motivate yourself to start something new?

What are some of the negative thoughts that come to your mind when you start something new and how do you overcome them? I have been thinking of starting a new (small) business but I keep procrastinating and thinking that I won't be able to do it. Some of the things that come to my mind are, * I don't have any experience, how will I manage things? * How will I manage the costs? * What if the business fails? * What will others think about me if I fail? I am yet to overcome these fears.

avatar Nick Carlos ·
@twinkling_star | Posted 02 Nov. 2020

How do you measure success?

What does success mean to you? How do you measure your success? Does being successful means that you are better than others at something or does it relate to a goal that you have achieved?

avatar Nick Carlos ·
@twinkling_star | Posted 26 Oct. 2020

Are motivational books/courses effective?

I have read a lot of motivational books and there are numerous courses available as well. When I read such books, I find them very helpful and effective, however, after sometime, I tend to forget the ideas, tips, etc. and lose focus. How has your experience been? Have you ever observed any permanent change in your life by following such books?