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avatar Kazuma Ninomiya ·
@Kazuma.Ninomiya | Updated 09 Oct. 2020

What do you think about euthanasia? Should it be one of the options for terminally-ill patients?

This topic is the next one we debate in my class. I personally think it should be the option because it is better for short but healthy life rather than long but unhealthy life. Also, the cost of medical care is not so cheap so some think it is a waste of money. What do you think about it?

avatar Kazuma Ninomiya ·
@Kazuma.Ninomiya | Posted 30 Sep. 2020

what do you do or think if you felt antsy to your girlfriend??

I sometimes feel antsy to my girlfriend because she is a player. but I don't wanna restrict her life because it is her standard.