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avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 17 Jan. 2022

Do you like the snow or would you prefer to be in a warmer climate for winter?

I always find it fascinating that some people do genuinely love the snow while others hate it with a passion. I like it as well as the cold but not when it is causing issues for people. When a bad storm comes and knocks out the power or causes car accidents, I obviously am not okay with that. We tend to have mild winters where I am so I get to enjoy it without worrying too much. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 15 Jan. 2022

Are there cheap ways to make your home more "green"?

I love the idea and concept of green housing but it is so expensive! I looked into what a green home costs and I was blown away. I want to make sure my house (when my husband and I buy one) is more in-line with the environment and not adding to the problem. Are there cheap ways to go about this? I looked into rainwater recycling using gutters so I plan to do that for a start. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 13 Jan. 2022

How healthy is your diet?

I feel like there is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to diets. Certain people need more of something, certain people need less of something. Generally most "healthy foods" are good for everyone but not every diet is. I feel like the SAD diet (standard American diet) is one of those cases where it is generally bad for most people. We aren't as active as we once were and I think things need to be updated with that as a standard of clean and healthy living. How healthy is your... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 10 Jan. 2022

Are you going to join the "Metaverse"?

I know it is a thing now but still in the early stages. A lot of people are excited to be a part of it. It has no real appeal to me though. I am not on Facebook and don't want to be on that platform. I don't like the concept of living in a virtual reality either. I would much rather go outside and enjoy life and work/interact with real people offline. So I will not be joining. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 08 Jan. 2022

Do you think TikTok and other social platforms are bad for teens?

I see the trends and everything happening on Tiktok. I am always reading about horrible things people are doing (mostly teens) and how attention-seeking many kids have become today. They get hooked on likes, shares, and interactions. I feel like this can't be good for kids. Do you think Tiktok (as well as other social platforms) are bad for teens to grow up engulfed in? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 01 Jan. 2022

How to control health fears and phobias?

I noticed mine had gotten worse the last few years. Likely from COVID and people generally being in fear themselves. Anytime I feel different or something happens with my body, I freak out and have anxiety over it sometimes resulting in panic attacks. Common issues I have are shortness of breath, chest pains, and feeling dizzy. These symptoms from my anxiety alone make me panic. It is a messy cycle. What are some things that can help me through this? I know all of this is rooted in my thoughts... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 29 Dec. 2021

Did you have COVID? If so, what were your symptoms like?

I know some people who tested positive and felt horrible while others tested positive and didn't get anything beyond a headache and feeling tired for a few days. Some people said they didn't feel any different at all even though they were confirmed to have it. I am curious to see if anyone here had it yet and what their symptoms were if they did.

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 26 Dec. 2021

What are some of the winter trends this year?

Since 2020, it is hard to make sense of trends in terms of fashion. It seems everything has been on standby. I am not sure what is considered trendy for winter 2021/2022 at this point. It seems like we are still stuck in 2019 in terms of fashion or maybe that is just me?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 24 Dec. 2021

If the vaccines work, why are most people who are vaccinated still getting sick?

I am honestly confused about this. Like I don't have an issue with the vaccine itself (or rather vaccines at this point) but it seems odd that everyone I know pretty much who has gotten vaccinated has also gotten sick. I was under the impression that the vaccine works yet this is making me feel like something isn't right here. Like I get that there will be breakthrough cases but they should be rare. Also, they keep pushing people who aren't vaccinated to get vaccinated and blaming the... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 23 Dec. 2021

Who do you buy gifts for on Christmas?

I feel like I used to buy a lot more people gifts when I was younger. I think this is because my family overall was much closer than it is now. These days, I only buy gifts for my parents, my husband, my siblings, and one of my nieces. I also get my cats gifts as well, not sure if you can count that or not. I know some people do this and others don't. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 13 Dec. 2021

Do you fix issues yourself or call a professional when something goes wrong in your house?

It is no secret that home repairs be it roofing, electrical, or plumbing can cost an arm and a leg. I think this is why many people choose to try to repair the issues themselves first before calling someone. Are you the type to DIY when it comes to issues around the house or would you rather call a pro from the start?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 11 Dec. 2021

What are some Christmas traditions you partake in every year?

I want to make some new traditions for my husband and me. I was trying to think of some ideas but I am having a lot of brain farts lately, likely from not sleeping well! I want to see what everyone else does for the holiday in terms of traditions with their friends and family. What are some Christmas traditions you partake in every year?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 10 Dec. 2021

Do you think we are heading down a bad path in terms of technology?

We were not designed to work and function in a healthy manner with this much technology around us and it shows. Between social media and the vast amounts of entertainment and knowledge at our fingertips, is it any wonder children are struggling with education? Now Elon Musk is talking about brain chips being implanted in humans next year. I feel like technology is heading down a dark path and those in power will use it to abuse people. Maybe I am being too black-pilled about things. I am... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 04 Dec. 2021

Is there a solution to make everyone happy when it comes to abortion?

I will be honest in saying that I am fully against abortion. That being said, I also don't believe the government should have any say in what people do with their bodies in a free society. I feel like there needs to be some kind of middle ground here. A friend suggested that since many states within the US fund abortions via taxpayer money (which I don't think is okay morally speaking), she said our tax dollars should go to providing free IUDs, hormonal rings, etc. as well as examining for... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 01 Dec. 2021

What are some fun, relaxing hobbies that most people can afford to do?

I am trying to help my mom find a hobby. She seems to be bored and I feel like she would be a lot happier if she had a hobby. My father still works so she is home by herself all day and now that she can't drive, I think it has made things worse for her. I am looking for some fun and relaxing hobbies that aren't expensive that she can enjoy. Any suggestions? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 27 Nov. 2021

Does anyone here play the Sims?

I find it to be one of the few games I still play that is really relaxing. I play to build. I don't really make sims and do all that. I just like to make shops, houses, etc., and enjoy making things based on ones in real life. Does anyone here play the Sims? If so, what do you enjoy most about the game? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 25 Nov. 2021

Have you ever made your own holiday?

We always have corporate and traditional holidays every year but I thought it might be fun for my husband and I to have our own holiday. Something we can share with friends and our children when we have them someday. Has this ever been something you did or considered? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 23 Nov. 2021

How many chances do you give a person?

In terms of breaking trust - lying, cheating, etc. - How many chances do you typically give a person before you cut ties with them for good? This can be for an intimate relationship, friendship, or even chances given to a family member. I am curious where everyone draws their limits at. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 17 Nov. 2021

If we were told half the people on the planet would have to leave, would you go?

There have been talks about the future being one where the earth has a much lower human population. This would mean space travel and live on other planets would be a thing. If this is the case, would you want to be one of the people to stay on earth or would you want to leave it? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 14 Nov. 2021

Did you finish Christmas shopping yet?

I keep hearing about shopping being a mess this year due to shortages. I made sure to get all my shopping done and out the way early. I only have a few more things to get (small things) and I am done. I am glad I made the choice to do it earlier this year. Some people who are just starting are having trouble finding things already. Did you finish your shopping yet?