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avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 10 Sep. 2022

What is your go-to comfort food?

I think we all have that one food that makes us feel good, even if it is only temporary and we later regret eating it LOL!For me, my comfort food is french fries. When they are done right, they hit so good. I love to eat them with ketchup or honey. Back when Burger King had good fries, dipping those in honey was my favorite combo. I would get an order of nuggets with them after school with my sister. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 09 Sep. 2022

Has the quality of fast food gone downhill?

Maybe it is just where I live, I am not sure... But the quality has gone downhill and the prices have gone up. I can't seem to find a place in my area that does fast food and isn't rated poorly. McDonald's seem to be the worst. I have not had good fries from them in over 2 years now. Each time I think they will be better, they are just awful. It seems like half the time my orders are wrong or poorly made. I have been served twice fried/warmed food, cold food, and undercooked food. What is going... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 05 Sep. 2022

Do you think they are pushing EVs on people too soon?

I look at California and see they have banned sales of gas-powered cars but now they want people who drive EVs to stop charging their cars because the grids can't handle it. Do you think that they are pushing too fast? I don't think the US is prepared for that many people needing to plug their cars in.

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 02 Sep. 2022

What are your favorite things about fall/autumn?

Summer is going to end officially in just 3 weeks. It is crazy because it seems like it had gone by so fast. I do love the fall though, it is my favorite season. I love having bonfires, enjoying warm beverages, wearing oversized sweaters and boots, and just taking in the cooler fresh air without bugs being everywhere. What are your favorite things about fall/autumn? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 30 Aug. 2022

Has the body positive movement gone too far?

I am all for people feeling good in their skin and I don't like the idea of girls or boys growing up in a world where they constantly have to worry about what others think of their appearance. That being said, I feel like this push for women to be obese and happy is not good. I think focusing more on healthy sizes is ideal and those range, in most cases, from 4 to 14. Being too thin is unhealthy and unrealistic because women are designed to carry fat - however, doing the opposite is just as... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 23 Aug. 2022

Are bell bottoms making a comeback?

I don't follow the fashion scene much these days. I did when I was in my teens but have not cared in many years. I just find what I like and stick with it. Something I always enjoyed was bell bottom jeans. Not the super wide hippy ones but the ones that were slighter wider than bootcut. I am starting to see them all over again, some made even of cloth over denim with floral prints like from the '70s. Have they made a comeback? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 19 Aug. 2022

What aspect of weight loss makes it hardest for people?

It seems weight loss is pretty simple and easy on the surface. You move more and you eat less. However simple this is, most people struggle with losing weight. I think this is mainly down to not wanting to change your lifestyle. You want to eat what you enjoy and do what you enjoy, most of which is not considered healthy. I know health issues play a role for some people but most people looking to lose weight seem to struggle because they are too comfortable with their lifestyle. What... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 17 Aug. 2022

Do you consider "good health" to be a big deal when it comes to dating?

A lot of people, even younger people, seem to have health issues. Some of them are brought on by genetics but most seem to be tied to poor diet, lack of exercise, and deficiencies. When it comes to dating, does someone being in good health factor in for you? Is it something you actually consider before dating someone? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 14 Aug. 2022

For casual gaming, what is the best option these days?

I don't play as many games as I used to but I would like to have something to do when nothing is going on, especially when it is cooler out in the winter. I am considering my options here. I do have a "gaming PC" but I don't play much on it these days. I am thinking of getting a console, one of the newer ones be it Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch. Which would you say is best for someone who is just casual when it comes to gaming?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 13 Aug. 2022

Do you think the United States is heading for a civil war?

A lot of people have been talking about it over the years. I think it started being discussed more in 2018 or so but since 2020 happened, everyone seems on edge. It seems neither side of politics is willing to speak or compromise at this point and I feel like there are only two outcomes... A peaceful divorce or a civil war. What do you think?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 06 Mar. 2022

Which lifestyle do you prefer? - City, Suburban, or Country?

City life is loud, always active, filled with people, loaded with conveniences, and you usually do not have to travel far to get what you want. Suburban life is a bit more spaced out, not as many people, still considered to be convenient, but you will likely need a car to get around. Country life is quiet, secluded, away from a lot of people, can be inconvenient, and you will most certainly need to drive far to shop, eat out, and get what you need. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 04 Mar. 2022

Gasoline/Petrol Prices - Have they gone up by you?

As of right now, we are seeing the costs be compatible with the peak months of the year, in summer. If things continue on this trend we will see gas prices reach prices we had never seen before. They are saying to be prepared for gas becoming $6 per gallon in July outside the city and $13 per gallon within the city. Not to mention this will affect plane ticket prices. Everything will go up. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 02 Mar. 2022

Will used car prices keep going up?

I noticed used car prices are up by as much as 40% depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. That is insane! My husband was looking at trading his car in for a newer used car and it seems like the ones he is looking to buy are up by about 18% from the same time last year. Are they going to keep going up?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 02 Mar. 2022

Are there benefits to starting a garden indoors?

I have a few things I just threw in pots for the heck of it under a grow lamp and they are doing well. I am just not sure how things will turn out when it is warm enough to actually move them outdoors. I am wondering if there are any benefits to starting plants indoors or if I will need to take extra care of them because I started them this way.

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 28 Feb. 2022

Will you be getting the new Samsung Galaxy s22?

I believe there are three options - the standard, the plus, and the ultra. From what I remember, the standard is $799, the plus is $999, and the ultra is $1199. Those prices seem wildly high to me. If I were to get one, it would be the standard one but even then I couldn't imagine spending more than $350 on a phone. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 25 Feb. 2022

The likelihood of WWIII?

Russia is attacking Ukraine right now. I don't know how many people have lost their lives. Everything I have heard and read says that if the US or any other nation interferes in any way, it will lead to world war III. I am pretty scared right now. Even if nothing is done, things have been changed for all countries that deal with either Russia or Ukraine on a market scale. I am not sure what will happen next. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 22 Feb. 2022

How does a digital camera compare to a smartphone?

I was looking at my options and I was considering getting a digital camera instead of a flagship phone. I figured the camera would be great and I wouldn't have to spend so much on a new phone to have a great camera. I am just not sure how they compare. I would only want to spend $400 or so on the camera. Is that enough to get something on-par with the latest flagship phones?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 19 Feb. 2022

Do you think comedy is what is keeping freedom of speech intact?

I look at shows that focus on comedy, one, in particular, being South Park (an adult cartoon) and the ideas they express, the humor, everything is done in a way to bring people together to just have a laugh. I think we need that more than ever. People are too concerned with feelings and it is scary to me. Feelings are not stable. Emotions sway and can be damaging. I feel like comedy is a good outlet for people to just stop taking things so seriously and relax. What do you think?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 11 Feb. 2022

How do you feel about the trucker protests happening in Canada right now?

I am all for gathering and protesting the actions of a government when they are not wanted. I think the fact that they are keeping it peaceful and refusing political affiliation shows they are doing it as a community and for the greater good which I can support. I do worry about supply chain issues as I do here in the US. I think it was wrong to block fundraising for them and that move will really sour a lot of people in Canada to their government. They may never trust them again after this.

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 09 Feb. 2022

Does the "Neuralink" worry you for any reason?

The science behind it and how it functions can be used for a lot of good in this world. Namely, helping people to walk again. I think that is fantastic... However, there can be a dark side to this as well. As technology advances and governments/corporations look for more power and control over people's lives... I fear that this tech could one day be used against us.