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avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 22 Sep. 2021

Why do you think so many people are ignoring the border crisis?

I have family down in Texas. They say how things are getting pretty bad down there. Thousands of people fleeing South America, Mexico, and Haiti are flooding up to the US with little to nothing on them and nowhere to go. They are crowded together under bridges like scared animals. I remember back in 2020, Biden told people to start coming to America soon as he won and since then, we have seen the largest numbers in US history of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Now I think that... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 21 Sep. 2021

How to budget for a first home?

I am trying to get everything in order in terms of spending costs, what I will need to have when we move, and all that stuff. It is hard to know what will cost what though before we move. My husband and I just started house shopping and I am both nervous and excited! Do you have any tips for first-time home buyers? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 13 Sep. 2021

What kind of car do you drive - Gas/Petrol, Hybrid, or Electric?

I am curious to see what people are driving these days. I read online that hybrids are way more popular now and electric car owners have increased by a lot. I just don't know anyone who owns one and only a few people with hybrids. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 09 Sep. 2021

What is something you would consider yourself to be naturally gifted with/in?

Most people have something they do well with minimal effort. I am curious to see what some people here can do in terms of skills or abilities that they seem to have a natural gift for. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 05 Sep. 2021

Is it true that buying a manufactured home could be cheaper?

I was looking at different housing options. I came across a business that sells them for 50k to 200k depending on the size and features. For a 3 bedroom, 2 bath that is around 1,300 sq ft you are looking at spending around 100k. I am wondering now if this could be cheaper than buying a house. If you find a bit of land for under 50k, you could effectively own a brand new home for less than 200k whereas most homes under 180k often need repairs and work. Also, these homes include appliances. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 01 Sep. 2021

What are some good vegetables or fruits that can be grown indoors year-round?

I am trying to get a list of things to try growing. I know certain fruits can be grown indoors but most can't. I think there are far more vegetable options though. Herbs are likely the easiest. What would you suggest for someone who has little to no experience growing a garden indoors for the first time?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 30 Aug. 2021

Are designer labels and brands worth paying that much for?

I have done a lot of shopping over the years and I have come to the conclusion that past a certain price mark, you aren't getting better quality items and purely paying for the label/brand. It seems silly. Like I understand wanting items that will last and wear for years, especially with shoes, jeans, and jackets but it gets to a point where the quality doesn't increase but the cost does just because of the brand. I don't think it is worth it.

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 29 Aug. 2021

Celebrity Culture - Good or bad?

Celebrities are idolized even if they bring no inherent value to society. People obsess with them, copy them, follow their trends, and try to replicate their lifestyles. Is this a healthy behavior though? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 25 Aug. 2021

What healthy diet change could help most people?

Healthy eating can be hard, especially when there is so much out there in terms of junk and snacks. I know I find it hard to turn down sweets! In terms of the human body and how it functions based on nutrition, what one healthy diet change do you think could help most if not all people? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 22 Aug. 2021

Has Hollywood run out of good movie ideas?

I know some movies have been good in the last 10 years but so many of them have been underwhelming. I can't say any movie that has come out in the last 10 years has even made my top 30 list which is pretty bad considering I am not an avid movie person. I just keep seeing remakes and reboots that flop. Do you think they are running out of ideas? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 19 Aug. 2021

What are some of the best things you can do to heal an unhealthy gut?

I would say that most people know at least one person that has some sort of gut-related issue be it IBS, GERD, Crohn's Disease, or something else. I want to know what are the best things you can do to not only heal an unhealthy gut but ensure it stays healthy. What are good foods to eat? What are things you should avoid? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 14 Aug. 2021

So much in the media, news, and public is focused on dividing people - Why?

Every day I hear or see something that is meant to push people into some sort of divided state of mind. The whole "it is them vs us!" in terms of politics, social issues, and medical freedoms. People are told to pick a side and if they don't, they are the enemy of everyone. Prior to around 2010, I did not see people acting like this. Be it online or offline, people were not willingly dividing themselves based on color, gender, beliefs, politics, or medical issues. Most people just got along.... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 09 Aug. 2021

What are some easy-to-do crafts that aren't expensive?

I am looking for a new hobby to get into. Something that is not too expensive but allows me to be creative and relax. I enjoy arts and crafts but I am having trouble finding something to try. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 07 Aug. 2021

In what circumstances would you be willing to risk your life for a stranger?

I often hear of people risking their lives for people they don't know and I think it is a beautiful thing to do this but many others do not agree with doing the same and would act in their own interests. In what circumstances would you be willing to risk your life for someone you don't know?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 07 Aug. 2021

Where do you draw the line between personal freedom and obligation to the greater good?

This has been a topic that has widely been debated for some time now. Where do you draw the line for yourself personally and why?

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 02 Aug. 2021

Does anyone have experience with pet bunnies?

I am considering adopting one. As of now, my husband and I just have cats. From what I have gathered, they are easy to care for but just require a lot of cleaning which I am fine with. It would give me a reason to clean more (lol). I just want to be 100% certain of this before I adopt a bunny. I don't want to adopt and regret it. Does anyone have experience with pet bunnies they can share? Maybe some pros and cons? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 30 Jul. 2021

Why is nothing being done about Biden's mental health decline?

He seems to be struggling more and more. I have heard several of his recent speeches and he struggles to make sense of what he is saying and messing up every other sentence. I feel like he needs to step down for the sake of his health and our country. A president with severe cognitive decline should not be running a country. Just let Harris step up. I don't understand why nothing is being done about this. He is clearly unwell and only getting worse. 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 27 Jul. 2021

Why are women so competitive today?

I noticed women these days tend to compete with each other more so than just 30 years ago. They do this in dating, friendships, work, and even parenting. I noticed this with myself even growing up. I felt the need to compete with my cousin who was a close friend at one time. She did it with me as well, we always tried to one-up each other but never addressed why we were like that. Have women always had a competitive tendency or is this a new trait most women have in the modern world? 

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Posted 23 Jul. 2021

Have you ever cared for/raised a wild baby animal?

I recently have experienced this first hand. I found a baby rabbit, eyes still closed. It has either been dropped by a prey animal or lost its way from the nest. I looked around and could not find a nest or any other babies. I knew if I left it there, it would starve as it was already quite thin. I have been caring for it for about a month now and he has grown so much! I am planning to release him soon. It was an interesting experience. Have you ever cared for or raised a wild animal? What... (More)

avatar Debbie Katz · Free Spirit
@debkatz78 | Updated 22 Jul. 2021

Do you have any irrational fears or phobias?

I have some pretty generic ones. I have a fear of heights as well as a fear of depths. I can go in deep swimming pools but I panic if I am in deep water where I can't see the bottom. I am also afraid of most bugs, especially spiders and flying insects that bite. I developed a fear of cars after being in two accidents so it is difficult for me to be in one, even when I am not driving. So I do not drive and seldom travel far unless by bike or on foot. Do you have any irrational fears or... (More)