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Would you try online dating?   


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 06 Oct. 2020

Theres so many online dating websites these days. Have you tried to date online? Did it work? I hear online dating usually never works out especially if its long distance. You end up fighting more and not trusting each other than loving each other. I don't know if I would ever try online dating. There's a lot of creeps on there too both guys and ladies lol. So how bout it? Would you try online dating? What are your thoughts?


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 07 Oct. 2020

Well, i have tried it severally. And unfortunately, it doesn't work. I understand it has worked for some people. But it is not something i would go for. 

My Reasons:

For a successful date, you have to be friends with your partner. If you skip the "being friends" part. It will never be a sustainable relationship.

What happens in online dating is that people meet, and get lustful of each other. Then a few months down the line, they realize they are not compatible. Simply because the relationship was not based on friendship. Or a background of friendship, leading to broken marriages and increased cases of divorce. 

I would approach online dating cautiously. 


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 07 Oct. 2020

Yes for sure for those who do take part in online dating they should be friends first like people usually are in real life before they end up dating or as @writelord mentioned its just a natural feel to ask someone out in person and getting their phone number. I'm the one that usually does this and its a great feeling when they say yes. Or even just being friends and they give their phone number.


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Updated 07 Oct. 2020

Why not?

I think there's a modicum of 'online dating' in everyone's daily lives. However, I agree with Bomb (lol) on this one. Approach online dating with caution. Although it has helped numerous people find soulmates, it has also taken the true concept of 'love' from the minds of many.

I personally prefer to walk up to a person and ask them out. There is a natural feel to this that online dating never truly gives.

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