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Would you move in with someone who never told you he loves you?   

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Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 09 Nov. 2020


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Posted 10 Nov. 2020

In today's world, many people don't even know what love means.

I think our generation managed to muddle up the meaning of love. Either way, a person who loves you will show you. It will be apparent like crystal necklaces in the sunlight.

And hey, it may not be a resounding 'I'm obsessed with you' movie script type of love, but true love is really divine. We do not choose love, it comes to us. Therefore it cannot be explained in words.. 

I hope that helped.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 09 Nov. 2020

In what context? I mean I have had friends who never told me they loved me but they showed they did. I personally would not move with someone who is not serious about a relationship and commitment. You can easily set yourself up to be stuck or trapped in a bad situation. 


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 09 Nov. 2020

Sure, but only after i have doubly confirmed that s/he means it. Not just doing it out of convenience. Moving in is such a big step, that should be well thought through and not just done haphazardly. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 10 Nov. 2020

I'm going to say no, and the reason why, is because I don't think that it's wise to move in with someone if they haven't yet said they love you. I think moving in with someone, is usually one of the last things to show there is a relationship. I don't think I'd move in with someone who hasn't said they love me. But that's just me. 


Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 12 Nov. 2020

I think this is no brainer in my honest opinion. You got to figure out what comes first or what is more important to you. Is it, "I love you?" or "Move in with me."?  I think you should hear the words, "I love you" or better still felt it before deciding to move in with him or her.


Mia Gomez
@miacol64 · Posted 12 Nov. 2020

No way I would move in with anyone who doesn't tell me he loves me or show that he loves and cares for me.

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