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Would you hate on your friend`s enemies if they asked you to?   

#hating on friends enemies


Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 19 Jan. 2022


Pritika Thakur
@pritika98 · Posted 20 Jan. 2022

Hmm... hate sure is a strong word, so, no. No hate. But if this friend were dear to me, I probably wouldn't be found associating myself with them. I will have my own opinion and perception of how these enemies are, and I'd probably have some neutral feelings regarding them. There wouldn't be any animosity. In spite of that, I'd still keep in mind what my friend mentioned and not really bother with them.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 20 Jan. 2022

Nope. I am not in the market of pointless hate. I don't hate someone or hate on someone simply because someone else has a problem with them. For me, hate is a strong word, just as strong as love. I can hate what people do but I have a hard time hating individuals. I can separate a person from things I don't agree with. 


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 03 Feb. 2022

I would do it if the other person did something bad to my friend or in general. If it were a petty issue I would probably just keep my distance without being hostile. 

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