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Would you continue to be with someone who betrays you by cheating on you, saying it was, ``a one-off` and I should let it go? She doesn't seem to care if it hurt my feelings at all.   

#dealing with a cheater


Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 08 Apr. 2021


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Updated 08 Apr. 2021

I know it hurts terribly, and it's beyond devasting to say the least. But wasting your precious time in a relationship only because your partner admitted it was a one-and-done thing, without showing any form of remorse, is in effect, condoning horrible behavior and giving her the implicit permission to hurt you again. It seems unlikely this is the first time she`s cheated on you.  You will be better off if you did a Forrest Gump. No amount of sparkle will redeem the relationship. Because the only reward you get for taking a cheated back into your life is more of the same. And that means more hurt. I can’t imagine me wanting to stay let alone spend the rest of my life with someone who fucks around. I know things are always workable, but betrayal, and not showing remorse isn’t one of those things for me. As I said, you are better off giving yourself an exit gift that you will be glad you did after a year from now.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 08 Apr. 2021

If she doesn't care that you were hurt by it, then I am not sure the relationship will last. Because if she is that way, she will probably cheat again. She should consider your feelings, because what she did was a betrayal. Just because it was a "One Off" doesn't mean anything. She still cheated. For me, a one off is one too much and I would leave her. Because imo, people who cheat, don't love who they cheat on. 

I think it's a bit selfish of her not to apologize or say "let it go" like it was nothing.


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 08 Apr. 2021

Once trust is gone, it will really take time to build it again. But when it happens more than once, that is just a red flag that it is not working. It is not good to force it to work. Personally, i would let it go. But again, circumstances may vary, since every situation is unique. I would take some time to analyze all factors that could have led to him/her cheating. 

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