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Who is/was your crime partner in school?   


umar shahid
@umar.shahid · Posted 05 Mar. 2021


Joe Ball
@JoeBall · Updated 05 Mar. 2021

I had a group of friends who stayed united in any crime we did. We were always on the hunt for crazy random things to do like going to the movies after bunking the school or taking the wrong bus when coming back home and tease our teachers. We had put together a list of some seriously fun things to do and made memories. 


Jessica Naz
@Jessicaa · Posted 08 Mar. 2021

Hahaha! Same here my friend. I and my two friends were too naughty and used to roam aimlessly around the school's corridors, doing crazy stuff.


saad akbar
@saad.akbar · Updated 07 Mar. 2021

My friend wasif was my crime partner.We use to bunk classes to play Sports(cricket,snooker),to watch movies together,going out on adventure that was quite a memorable time.

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