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Where are you in GTA 5   


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 25 Sep. 2020

GTA 5 is still a really popular video game? Where and how far are you in GTA 5? Do you have any tips for beginners who are just starting the game?


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 25 Sep. 2020

Well, last time I played, I think I was a level 400+ or so. It also helps that my brother also plays on the same account. If you're referring to the story, I already took care of that many years ago. I haven't really touched the single player since. My focus is mostly on the online mode when I play. I just do races these days. 


Muneeb Zafar
@Muneeb.Zafar · Posted 27 Sep. 2020

I used to play this game but I realized this game is too much time consuming mostly I spend my all night playing GTA V, actually achieving higher level kept you playing this game which is even more annoying so never chased any level while I was playing this game. 


Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Posted 30 Sep. 2020

Aircrafts made a triumphant return to GTA 5 in 2013 after being a glaring omission from GTA 4. One of the most calming and joyful experiences in the chaotic and rage-filled city of Los Santos is flying an airplane.

Los Santos is a huge map and is perhaps one of the biggest in any open-world game. It also set the standard for upcoming open-world games, for years. Aircrafts are both a great escape from the missions and also a great, quick way of traversing through the vast expanse of the map.

One of the quickest ways to reach your mission destination in GTA 5 is flying a Helicopter as they are much more maneuverable than a fighter jet or a luxury liner. Flying a Helicopter from Point A to Point B is extremely quick and efficient as landing a full-sized jet in a small Downtown street can be extremely difficult.

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