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What`s your thought on interfaith marriage/relationship?   

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Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Updated 03 Feb. 2022


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Updated 03 Feb. 2022

The same as any other kind of relationship. While your faith may be a big part of your life, it isn't the only one. If you date/marry someone that's different from you, you still have more or less the same challenges ahead of you as a couple with the same faith. As long as both partners understand and respect each other they can have a long, healthy, loving relationship. My last thought on this is that as long as the people that are together are happy with each other and comfortable in their lives, nobody else's opinion of the relationship matters.


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 04 Feb. 2022

``As long as both partners understand and respect each other they can have a long, healthy, loving relationship.`` Wonderful insight! Thank you for sharing.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 06 Feb. 2022

I have known couples to be from different backgrounds in terms of faith and worldviews. Some can make it work out but most can't. For me, God is important. I need to be able to share my faith with the person I marry. I knew this from prior experiences. Having dated both atheists and agnostics, it just did not work out for me. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and felt pressured to keep a lot to myself. It was not fun to feel this way.


Pritika Thakur
@pritika98 · Posted 07 Feb. 2022

I guess it would depend on how the couple is. If they are accepting of each other wholly and are open to new learning and incorporating both the cultures, well and good. But if one party shows even hints of arrogance or superiority over the other's faith or religion, then I find it to be something of a power struggle. Moreover, one needs to be quite resilient and self-aware when family and their judgements are involved. All in all, I think it's more about how two people treat and view each other as well as their respective faiths or religions. 

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