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What`s your honest take on Chris Rock and Will Smith`s 2020 Oscars debacle?   

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Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Updated 30 Mar. 2022

I honestly think slapping another human is the ultimate sign of disrespect. Kudos to Chris for taking the high road in his response. That, to me is a total class act.


Mathews James
@Mathews · Posted 01 Apr. 2022

If Will Smith didn’t walk up to slap Chris, everyone would have forgotten the joke within 1 minute or even less. But I really think that this is going to torment Will forever. Credit to Chris, though for keeping his cool


Dave Beer 
@Dave · Posted 01 Apr. 2022

If it was me who walked on that stage and did what Smith did to Chris, security would have been everywhere, arrested, and off to jail I go. Will should have it no different. He was wrong and should have been removed from the Oscars immediately. Chris Rock gained my huge respect for the way he handled the situation. That is what a real gentleman looks and acts like. The fact that Will himself laughed at Chris Rock`s joke, until he saw Jada wasn't having it, says a lot about his personality.


Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 01 Apr. 2022

We need to stop treating celebrities like they are above the law. What he did was 100% wrong in my book. He should be arrested for battery.


Mia Gomez 
@miacol64 · Posted 01 Apr. 2022

For those who defend Will Smith: What if a lady comedian like  Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, or Sarah Silverman had made the joke? Would it be okay to slap them? Would the academy have let Will Smith go up on stage and accept the award? I think otherwise.

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