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What precautions can lead to a healthy lifestyle?   

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Sarfraz Ali
@Sarfraz.Ali · Updated 23 Sep. 2020


Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Posted 24 Sep. 2020

The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.

The Dr. Sebi diet, also called the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet, is a plant-based diet developed by the late Dr. Sebi.

It’s claimed to rejuvenate your cells by eliminating toxic waste through alkalizing your blood.

The diet relies on eating a short list of approved foods along with many supplements.

This diet is based on the African Bio-Mineral Balance theory and was developed by the self-educated herbalist Alfredo Darrington Bowman — better known as Dr. Sebi. Despite his name, Dr. Sebi was not a medical doctor and did not hold a PhD.

According to Dr. Sebi, disease is a result of mucus build-up in an area of your body. For example, a build-up of mucus in the lungs is pneumonia, while excess mucus in the pancreas is diabetes.

He argues that diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment and begin to occur when your body becomes too acidic.

By strictly following his diet and using his proprietary costly supplements, he promises to restore your body’s natural alkaline state and detoxify your diseased body.

Originally, Dr. Sebi claimed that this diet could cure conditions like AIDS, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and lupus. However, after a 1993 lawsuit, he was ordered to discontinue making such claims.

The diet consists of a specific list of approved vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, oils, and herbs. As animal products are not permitted, the Dr. Sebi diet is considered a vegan diet.

Sebi claimed that for your body to heal itself, you must follow the diet consistently for the rest of your life.


Muneeb Zafar
@Muneeb.Zafar · Posted 25 Sep. 2020

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a straightforward task. Some suggestions will help.


Yuri R
@yurir · Posted 24 Sep. 2020

- Mindfulness

- Healthy eating

- Exercise

- Staying away from stressThese are some of the things I like to do that I believe lead to a healthy lifestyle

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