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What is your style of meditation?   

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Pritika Thakur
@pritika98 · Updated 08 Jul. 2022

I tend to focus on my breathing and just let my thoughts be. I bring my focus back to breathing when it seems that my mind has wandered off too far. Sometimes I listen to meditation music, and sometimes I visualise a certain scene to shift my mood to a better state.


Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Posted 11 Jul. 2022

Listening to gospel music helps massively in calming my mind and focusing only on the positives while eliminating the negatives and all the  anxieties at the same time. Every time my mind wants to wander off to a negative and depressing place, it tells it to be still thus allowing my body to only focus on the positives and not the stress.


Pritika Thakur
@pritika98 · Posted 11 Jul. 2022

I'll try doing the same! I think focusing on the positives would really help me in situations I am nervous in.

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