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General Anxiety and Stress

What is the thing or strategy that has helped you most in coping with stress/anxiety/depression?   

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Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 13 May. 2021


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 13 May. 2021

For me, a big part of managing and dealing with stress and anxiety has been God. I use scripture and listen to it for hours when I am feeling down mentally, emotionally, or physically. I also use something called maca root which comes from a radish, it is in powder form. I take this as I need it to manage panic attacks. It is the only thing that has ever helped in terms of medications and supplements. 


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 14 May. 2021

Thanks for sharing, we appreciate it.


Dave Beer 
@Dave · Posted 14 May. 2021

When I begin to feel stressed I take at least 6 deep breaths. This kinda opens my mind a little bit more, thus providing me a way to think through the problem(s) way better.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 17 May. 2021

For me, it's sometimes facing it head on. I do a lot of meetings for my online work, and I never was into speaking on mic or speaking on the phone even. But as I gradually got used to being in these meetings, I started to realize I am perfectly fine. It can still be an anxiety filled experience, but it almost seems like the anxiety is kind of pushed back, as I am more relaxed than usual. It's interesting. 

Another way I combat anxiety and stress, is to unwind. I game a lot, and that relieves a ton of stress for me. I also enjoy watching tv, movies, and even YouTube content. That helps me unwind. 

Stress, anxiety and depression in general is tough to deal with. Depression is a burden, because sometimes it hits you out of nowhere after a nice time of comfort. Depression for me, comes and goes. I think I'm somewhat bipolar, but don't get angry, just have low energy during that time. idk what it is. 

And if things are becoming too much, reach out for help from a friend, family member or a doctor/therapist. Don't be afraid to talk about what is going on, because doctors are there to help you. 


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 15 May. 2021

I usually take some time off from my normal routine. Or at least take some break from that which is triggering your anxiety or depression. Another way is by learning to say no to requests that will stress you up to fulfill. especially in work conditions. We get stressed and depressed we take more requests that we can handle efficiently. 

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