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What expectations do you have this year? And how you can achieve them?   


umar shahid
@umar.shahid · Posted 01 Mar. 2021


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 02 Mar. 2021

Right now my expectations are low, not out of personal issues, but more so to do with the world as a whole. Covid-19 has kept me away from just about everything, and really, I think the majority of us are stuck in the same spot, hoping to get back to normalcy. 

I'm expecting that this virus will become less of a problem, everyone will get vaccinated and we'll be good to continue our lives again. 


Joe Ball
@JoeBall · Updated 04 Mar. 2021

I feel the same, as the current situation of COVID isn't slowing down anytime soon, It's not easy to predict. Although there's this corona vaccine but It isn't permanent. Companies that are able to have their work from home will continue to do so. And many places will continue to have big outbreaks during the winter due to not shutting things down enough. Let's just stay optimistic and hope for the best.


Jessica Naz
@Jessicaa · Posted 08 Mar. 2021

I really don't wanna comment anything on it, as I had a lot of plans in 2020 and all of them failed due to the arrival of COVID. In stead I am under going a lot of crisis, so really can't say much about the coming days. Just hoping for the best to happen.

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