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What do you do when your anger starts to build up?   

#anger management


Mathews James
@Mathews · Posted 31 May. 2021


Osheen Sharma 
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 07 Jun. 2021

One thing that I think a lot of us may have heard is counting backward from ten. It is what my mother always told me when I was a child and got angry. As good as this technique is, it is still a temporary fix. If someone feels like they have an anger issue that might be severe enough to cause them and others damage then I think therapy is the best option. However, for someone who might be slowly feeling their temper worsen over time, I feel like creative or physical outlets are the best option. On top of picking up activities to redirect your building anger, I feel like looking for the cause is a good place to start too. 

Why are you angry? Is it something that is in your control? if yes then make the required change, make peace with he situation and move on. If it isn't something you can control, then there isn't any point holding anger against it anyway. Another factor to take into consideration in my opinion is whether or not the situation at hand requires an immediate reaction. If it is a situation that angers you but doesn't need an immediate response, walk away. Do not let this external condition ruin your inner peace.

I have personally found yoga and exercise to be a good way to deal with my own temper. I get angry less often and even when I do I find myself handling it a lot better than I did before. 

hope this helps.


Nidhi Arora
@nidh2382 · Posted 07 Jun. 2021

I believe anger is an emotion that overflows due to a mismatch between expectations and outcomes. This overflow causes a lot of trouble for many people. Even I used to lose my temper, but I learned that its conclusion was always my loss over the years. It impacted my health, relationships, inner-self, and much more. So, I learned to accept that people have flaws, just as I have many drawbacks, and therefore the expectation is not always fulfilled. Acceptance, however, is easy said than done. Thus, for acceptance, I perform silent deep breathing when I am in an aggressive situation. Deep breathing is mystical and has averted my uncalled problems. But sometimes, even acceptance and breathing don’t work, and I feel I am full of aggression. In these testing situations, I make one of the two decisions; to let go of the problem calmly to discuss it later, or just blast it out. I blast it out when it’s essential to teach a lesson. This is when I let my anger flow freely. Therefore, it’s in our hands to manage or mismanage our anger. Remember, all benefits or losses are outcomes of our decision. Therefore, the choice is always ours, and we should choose the wise one.

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