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What are your go-to tips that help you fall asleep right away?   

#tips that help me fall asleep #how to fall asleep quick


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 01 Jun. 2022


Pritika Thakur
@pritika98 · Posted 05 Jun. 2022

Counting. I try to only focus on counting from one number to the next, and if I do get distracted from that, I start from the top, again.

Exercise. Intensely exercising before bedtime tires me out and has me dozing off pretty quickly. 


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 22 Jun. 2022

 I'm not sure if this is a trick that helps me fall asleep right away, but it's one of my favorite things to do before bed.I like to read a book in bed, and then put on earplugs and listen to some sleep-inducing music (usually classical or smooth jazz) at the same time. It's so relaxing!

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