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What are the advantages of publishing Ebook Online???   


Lydia Stephens empowering innovation and small enterprise business
@Lydiastephens · Posted 12 Apr. 2021

An Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or that is  designed as a handheld device.An e-reader stores a  hundreds of titles that you can take anywhere and any place without the need o f carrying a hardcopy. Ebooks are great for traveling, since readers can store twice as many books on a small device than a bag. Ebooks offer publishers and authors  the ability to include various features not possible in printed books.

Ebook helps the publisher to reach a wide audience since users are able to search using different web browsers. Ebook publishing will allow the publisher to take full control of the marketing process but most publishers post their book in Amazon where readers purchase the book and start reading immediately.Publishing with Ebook  is also one industry which has entered the digital era to make reading more convenient for people.Publishing books online will help the publisher to promote his/her book via social medias plattform and also by the use of website.

There are advantages you get when publishing an Ebook..

  • Ebooks are portable: Readers are able to  take their phones and other devices with them in many places, sinc is easier to carry digital books than to carry a collection of printed hardcopy.

  • Creating an Ebook is cost effective:  There are  minimum essentials you need to invest in to self-publish your book, but most of the steps can be done by you at minimal cost.

  • Ebooks are free to sell:the  Publisher does need to pay a retailer to sell his books. Instead, he/she pays the  commission based on the royalties when he/she sells a book.

  • Ebooks can be updated and revised: Given how quickly nonfiction information changes its good for the publisher to keep his/her book updated.

  •  Ebook copies can be given for free. Digital files are easy and free to send to reviewers, readers, or anyone else to whom you want to provide a complimentary copy.

  • Ebook copies are low-cost marketing tools. Your book establishes your subject-matter expertise, and, once released, allows you to call yourself an author.

  • Ebooks have a flexible pricing strategy. As there are no printing costs associated with ebooks, you can experiment with different discount pricing strategies.

  • Ebooks are inexpensive to purchase. Readers who are reluctant to buy a book at the higher paperback price may be persuaded to invest in your book at the lower ebook price.

Digital readers revolutionized the way books consume literature. Learn how and why you should consider publishing a digital eBook.With the knowledge you are now able to publish a book online and get passive income.Let's grow together in the industry.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 12 Apr. 2021

The things I like about ebooks, is that anyone could write their own if they so desire. I have attempted to write my own in the past, but didn't get very far. It's still something I would love to do, but I don't know if anyone would read what I write. 

Either way, ebooks rock, because you can make so many different kinds, and since they're digital, it's easy to distribute and get out there. With physical books, it takes longer for delivery. On top of that, not everyone can publish a physical book. It costs a lot of money to print books and find a place to market it and sell. 


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 13 Apr. 2021

Well said, very detailed post. Yes, publishing ebooks is the new way of getting the word out there for authors nowadays. The internet has provided an economical way for publishers to demonstrate their works and still earn a decent amount from it. 

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