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What are some textbook narcissitic behavior?   

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Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Posted 17 Aug. 2022


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Updated 17 Aug. 2022

Well, this will vary from one person to the other. Personally, I spent a year or so with a narcissistic roommate in college. Some of his peculiar behaviors include:

  • Talking excessively about themselves
  • Dominating conversations
  • Bragging and exaggerating their achievements
  • Seeking constant validation and reinforcement from others
  • Having a strong sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special treatment
  • Reacting angrily or impatiently when they don't get their way

However, it's important to note that not all narcissists have this disorder—some people simply have a more inflated sense of self than others. Either way, it's best to avoid them if you can. After all, nobody likes a narcissistic know-it-all.

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