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What are some tell-tale signs that you`re dealing with a toxic boss?   

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Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 31 May. 2021


Nidhi Arora
@nidh2382 · Posted 10 Jun. 2021

His/her demands and actions can identify a toxic boss. He/she can be dominating, callous, would not care about your work-life balance. Selfishness will be his/her trait. This person would be unreliable and will take credit for your initiatives. This unbearable individual could be rude and could even pass personal remarks that would traumatize you.

A problematic boss will never be interested in what you are doing right; instead, he/she will be interested in what you are doing wrong. He/she would probably get happiness in demoralizing you. This person will never appreciate you; instead, he/she will always try to overrule you with authority.

Essential leadership qualities like mentoring, feedback sessions will be missing. A bad boss will never lead from the front but will hide behind you to be safe.

You can expect micromanagement, and hence you will live in a suffocated work environment. A toxic boss will never take your opinion while making significant decisions that can impact you or your team.

No matter what these signs are, you should catch them early and start looking for a change immediately. Remember, you are a unique talent, and no one can ever take away your creativity, work freedom, respect, and personal time. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 01 Jun. 2021

I think a toxic boss makes him/herself known pretty fast. They're either really demanding, jump on you for small mistakes, and so much more. 

As well, how they treat and speak to you is also a sign. If they don't seem to care about their employees, then they could very well be a toxic boss. 

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