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Dating / Romance Narcissist

What are some early warning tell-tale signs that one might be dating a narcissist?   

#early nacissist dating signs


Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 29 Aug. 2021


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 29 Aug. 2021

The bait and switch. They often will bait you into something and switch it on you. An example would be doing something kind or sweet and then when you do something they don't like, they hold that act of kindness against you as if you are not appreciating them or value them. They will often start out caring, sweet, and thoughtful but as time goes on they may start to blame you for your past, talk down to you, and expect too much from you.


Osheen Sharma 
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 29 Aug. 2021

One of the most common ones is a sudden change in the way that they treat you as soon as they know you're committed to the relationship. The second one is extreme entitlement and disregard for your time, needs, and feelings. 

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