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Video games as therapy   


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 19 Sep. 2021

Do you think video games as therapy work? I feel that more games that come out, end up helping me mentally more than ever. I feel more relaxed after gaming, feel more achieved as well. I feel that a lot of game stories can help you through a lot as well. So many more games are coming out with unique stories that delve into different subjects. Do you find any video games that have helped you emotionally? Maybe helped you learn or grasp problems you've faced in your life? 


Pritika Thakur 
@pritika98 · Posted 20 Sep. 2021

I find this question really interesting since it makes me think of how wonderful that would be. Considering the growing modern narrative, video games can and might be incorporated into therapy and mental health sessions. The reason for this is that they are jam-packed with entertainment and are far more convenient to use. There's already play therapy available for children, and people with depression and stress are recommended to play games like Tetris, because it helps alleviate their conditions. Rather than being therapy in and of itself, I think video games can be a useful addition to therapy. After all, everyone's reasons for playing video games differ according to their state of mind and habits. Some play it for relaxation and others use it as a means to escape and avoid a touchdown with reality.


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Posted 20 Sep. 2021

Yes, video games are great therapy devices. But so could anything else; movies, drugs, sex etc.

The key to living a happy life is keeping balance. So while playing video games are great for relaxation, playing too much can cause a disconnection with reality leading to feelings of failure and depression

Again, you've gotta balance these pleasures in life with responsibilities. Never trade one for the other


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 23 Sep. 2021

I have experienced it myself. Minecraft actually helped with my anxiety and panic attacks. It kept me busy when I had downtime and playing with people I knew made it more fun. This was back in 2013 and I haven't played it much since but when I was going through a lot of stress, it really helped ease things for me.

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