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The Batman, who's going to see it?   

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Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 23 Aug. 2020

Ah we finally have an idea of what’s to come with The Batman. A new teaser trailer was revealed during the DC Fandome event yesterday. I’ve watched the trailer multiple times already, and I keep watching it for clues. Here’s the trailer:


Tasty Chicken
@Tasty.Chicken · Posted 24 Aug. 2020

Yeah I'll give it a watch it looks like it could be really good! I'm not yet sold on the guy playing batman at the moment though, it even looks like he's a tiny bit too small for his suit or than we're used to seeing him too. But I like the different or more extreme gritty, dark direction they're trying.

The games also look pretty good! Suicide Squad and a batman game, but batman is dead and you play as batwoman, deadpool, robin and some other guy.


John belley
@JohnBelley · Posted 24 Aug. 2020

SO there will be three DC movies in 2021. The batman snyder and Sucide suqad. I am so much damn excited to watch them all can't wait 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 25 Aug. 2020

The movie looks okay for what it is. I have not followed comic book hero movies in years because the theater just got overly saturated in them. There were just too many and I lost interest. I did see the Joker which was a bit different from the standard but I am not sure if I will see this new Batman film or not.

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