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Should you be worried if someone that you are head over heels in love said /he/she isn't there yet? Do you think it's a red flag? If yes, how big of a red flag is it?   

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Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 25 Jan. 2021


Nancy Mac
@Nancymac · Updated 27 Jan. 2021

Liking someone and falling head over heels with someone can happen too fast.  It can be the other way around and he likes you more than you do him. He might drop the L word and you are not ready in any way to hear it or experience it!  You wish to be friends only, but friendship if given time may and can evolve into something very beautiful. But either way, you can make a friend, a friend is a gift.


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Updated 25 Jan. 2021

I guess i will take it as "Taking it too fast" for myself. Because if s/he ain't ready yet, it just means i kinda popped the question too early. I will just have to ask them when they will be ready. Or whether they will be ready, because sometimes people are not willing to take it to the other level like you may wish. 


Ryan M 
@RyanM · Posted 25 Jan. 2021

Yes and no. It could just mean the person isn't as interested in you as you are of them, at least not yet. Some people move slower than others. You may be in love, but she/he may not yet be at that stage of the relationship, but could get there soon enough. 

And sometimes, it's best to just talk to them and let them know how you feel. See if they feel the same way about you. 


fatima zahra
@Hina · Posted 28 Jan. 2021

To have some in your life with love is a wonderful feeling and beyond words. Those who are in a relationship have great as well as worse experiences. One of my friends was very happy with his ex, everyone who saw them wish to have the same partner in his life. After some time she didn’t feel the same that everywhere flying butterflies/head over heels cannot get him off sort of attraction.

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