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Should we listen to what celebrities say?   


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 02 Dec. 2021

Should we listen to what celebrities say? As in politically or about serious things in the world? I feel like yes and no. Some celebs come from a poor beginning, so I respect them making it to the American dream. But, do you ever listen to celebs when they speak out about something? Or are on about anything? I tend not to listen, unless I know the celebrity is smart and isn't spewing conspiracy theories or other dumb things. 


Dave Beer
@Dave · Updated 03 Dec. 2021

Don’t get me all wrong; even though I may love their music and movies, that doesn’t make them my worldview moral compass. I would rather listen to scientists, doctors, philosophers, peer-peer recommendations than most celebrities who dress up and play pretend for a living. I’m in no way inclined to read or buy the books, food, or anything they recommend. I’m capable of doing that myself. I usually take everything they say with a grain of salt.


Willow .
@Willow · Updated 03 Dec. 2021

In my point of view, most celebrities take advantage of their voice because they know people are following them and they'll listen to whatever they said. I have nothing with the celebrities nor I am against what they're saying. It's all up to our common sense. If you're understanding their opinion then it's fine you can follow it. I don't think we should blindly follow their opinion. 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 04 Dec. 2021

I feel like they often get paid to say certain things. As prominent public figures, it is in bad taste for them to be overly vocal but I still acknowledge their right to free speech. It is a very touchy subject. I feel like people listen to them more than they should when it comes to personal and important decisions in their lives which is not healthy. 

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