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Shakira Is ‘Very angry’ at Her Ex For Dating a 23-Year-Old 2 Months After Their Breakup. Does she have reason(s) to be upset?   

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Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 25 Aug. 2022


Mathews James
@Mathews · Posted 25 Aug. 2022

She needs to focus on her own life and that of her lovely kids and not stress over who her ex is dating. How fast her ex has moved on is completely irrelevant at this point. They aren’t together anymore. Pique has his own life to live and she has hers too. Trying to keep hold of a man that clearly wants to move on makes absolutely no sense at all.


Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 25 Aug. 2022

I know it`s painful to lose someone who you love and care about, but once you break up with someone and decide to move on with your life, you don’t get to control them anymore with whatever they do or decide to do with their own lives.


Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 25 Aug. 2022

The relationship is already over plus she`s the one who ended it. There is a reason they are called your ex. They have the right to move on, regardless of your opinions or how you feel about it. She should get over it and move on with her life. 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 25 Aug. 2022

Didn't he cheat on her? I mean if that is the case, then she should not be surprised by him dating younger women. Most men with money opt for younger women. It is a status thing for them. 

I don't think she is in the wrong for being upset as it is likely hurting her feelings and she may be feeling less than worthy, less attractive, etc. so I can't fault her for being human. She needs to vent and move on though, focus on her kids. She will meet someone else in time. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 25 Aug. 2022

I think she has every right to be upset, but that also is on her. If they have since both moved on, his life should not be of any worry to her. I understand breakups are devastating and it can be hard seeing an ex with another person, just months after a break up, but that's life. 

I also don't know the context, so I looked it up. I guess she is mad because they agreed to not go out in public with their new partners until a year after the breakup. A bit weird I'd say, but that's that. 

This says it all - But still doesn't say this guys age, so I'm guessing he's older and that's creepy, yet they don't share his age in anything I searched. I looked him up on wikipedia, the dude is only 35. So yeah a bit older, but the woman he's dating is an adult, she can make her decisions. 

I think it's also because he's the father of two of her kids, so there's a lot of history there. Also, she's 45 so she has no room to talk, I have no idea why age gets brought up like this. 


Mia Gomez
@miacol64 · Posted 26 Aug. 2022

He has the right to move on. I think people go their separate ways when they break up.

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