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Money is not everything but with money you can buy food but cannot buy appetite,money can buy a house but not home,with money you can buy a clock but not time ,you can buy a bed but not a sleep,you can aslo buy a doctor but not health and with money can buy insuarance but not safety   

#Daily Motivation


Lydia Stephens empowering innovation and small enterprise business
@Lydiastephens · Posted 24 Mar. 2021

money is not everything and remember it all start from within


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 24 Mar. 2021

True, money is one of the rarest and very complicated things on earth. It is unfortunate, that money is not everything. But if you want anything, you need money! Quite confusing, but again, what you do with your money will define who and what kind of person you are. 

I sometimes disagree with guys who say money is the root of all evil. The lack of it is the root of all evil....or maybe the excess of it! 

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