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If you found out that your partner cheated on you a few weeks before you pop the question, what would you do?   

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Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 16 Jan. 2021


Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Posted 18 Jan. 2021

There is possibly nothing more that destroys the soul than finding out someone you dearly care about cheats on you. It’s beyond shattering, to say the least. Whether it’s before popping the question, or wedding. It doesn’t make the pain any less. The only upside to finding out before proposing or marrying is the great comfort one will take in the fact that the grand reveal happened at the very nick of time, instead of having to wait for 3 or 4 years later and probably with a kid in the midst. No one truly deserves that.

I know of someone whose heart was broken to a million pieces 3 weeks shy of her wedding by someone she thought was her best friend.

She went to her husband to be (now ex) apartment to get something while the freak was at work, and was shocked to her bone marrow when she found some strands of woman’s hair that weren’t hers on his bed. She confronted him politely about it, but he had the guts to lie about it, saying they were hers, probably believing she was born yesterday. Her world was hurt; she was devastated.

Without thinking twice, she called off the wedding.

He tried to use the planned wedding and confession of love as a justification to come for a soft landing, but she wasn’t having any of it.

The ill-fated incident was nothing but a slight blip in her radar because fast-forward 2 years she found a loving partner with a good soul. They are now happily married with a lovely son. “Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”



Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 16 Jan. 2021

Real bummer. All pledges of trust, respect, etc are out of the window the moment a partner thinks it's okay to bring in a third party into an entirely exclusive relationship. I guess this is the voice I will be hearing in my head."Run, Anthony, run!"


Mathews James
@Mathews · Updated 17 Jan. 2021

I don't IMHO think the relationship is a fixable one. Waking away is the only option I have. I don't think I would ever be comfortable having a lasting commitment with someone who cheats on me. The positive to me walking away without a second thought would mean zero or less pain in the long run and a better chance for me to meet someone with a good soul who will respect me and won't mess with my heart.


Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Updated 17 Jan. 2021

It might not be the first time he cheated, probably the first I was lucky to catch him. I will be glad that I dodged a bullet to my heart and that I'm better off without him. I will just continue to enjoy my life in the present waiting for someone who deserves me.


Mia Gomez
@miacol64 · Updated 17 Jan. 2021

I can only imagine all the distress I will be avoiding in the future. Believe me, cheaters never change.  Marriage is two people and not a third party thing.

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