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I wish I invested in Bitcoin   



Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 05 Apr. 2021

Goodness, did anyone here see the prices for one single bitcoin? It's crazy! Right now, a single bitcoin is worth around $58,000, but it keeps going up and down, that's the nature of cryptocurrency. 

Has anyone here invested in Bitcoin? Imagine if you had one bitcoin sitting around in an old email or something. How cool would that be to find out that you had bitcoin somewhere? 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 05 Apr. 2021

I think it reached a high of 65k as well so it did drop a bit. I was told to invest back when it was worth around $3,000 and I do regret it. I thought I would have to spend that much just for one coin but had no idea you can buy in fractions. It is unfortunate but I am happy for those who invested early. I am investing in other crypto now.


Bomb .  Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 08 Apr. 2021

Sure, it may go either way. But like any venture, there are risks. Plus, just like trees, the right time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the next best time is now. Same to Bitcoin, if you missed investing back then, then this is the right time. The likelihood of it falling in price is high since it has hit its all-time high, but you can put in what you can afford to lose. You never know the direction it may take. 

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