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How would you react if someone made you feel worthless?   

#reacting to negative people


Mathews James
@Mathews · Updated 04 Oct. 2020


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 04 Oct. 2020

My mother has done this most of my life. I kind of just learned to deal with it. As I have gotten older, I realized that in order for someone to make me feel worthless, I need to give my consent to feel that way. No one can make you feel something without you agreeing to what they are saying to you, about your, or the actions they are presenting you with.


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 05 Oct. 2020

Yes I would be hurt at first by it but I would shrug it off and move on and just not be with that person. I try not to be around people anyways that would put me down. It's good to surround yourselves with loving and accepting people who help encourage you and challenge you when necessary.


Muneeb Zafar
@Muneeb.Zafar · Updated 04 Oct. 2020

Nobody in this world can make anyone feel worthless, even though someone tries to make me feel that way I just leave them alone and let them do their business. 

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