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How would people barging into your room or office without knocking sit with you?   

#barging into people`s room


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 30 Dec. 2021


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 01 Jan. 2022

I respect boundaries because they are important to me. Something I grew up with was a mother that would just come into my room. I always felt a sense of anxiety that she would do it at any moment and I hated it. I started locking my door when I found a key for it. She would get mad but she had no respect for my privacy. I even locked it a few times when I left the house as she would go into my room and go through my things when I was not home. Even when I was 18+, she would do this stuff. I moved out when I was 21. 


Pritika Thakur 
@pritika98 · Posted 31 Dec. 2021

I wouldn't like it one bit. It throws me off my game. If the door is closed, it's because I wouldn't want to be disturbed. I'd be bothered, and if the barging continued, I'd let them know about the discomfort.


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 12 Jan. 2022

It would annoy me. I don't appreciate being surprised and having someone barge in on me while I work or chill would not sit right with me at all. It is part of why I always lock doors, even when I'm alone at home; it completely removes the possibility of someone barging in on me.

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