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How to Web Develop Online course and how to earn money in the web development industry.   


Lydia Stephens empowering innovation and small enterprise business
@Lydiastephens · Posted 11 Apr. 2021

Web design is the process of creating websites which  encompasses several different aspects which  includes  content production,Webpage layouts and graphic design.  Websites are created using HTML language . Web designers use HTML tags to build web pages that define the metadata of each page and its content.

Web Design is normally used to describe the processing  of front-end design(client side) of a website which includes writing markup.You can also Build a responsive website and accessible web portfolio using HTML5, CSS.

The most popular design tools for the web design for non-designers are: Adobe XD which is free to use and also  cross-platform tool that takes the role of Vue.While training on how to build a website, it's very easy to get started.

 Front-end web development is only the start of your online programming journey. To create responsive  websites, you need to explore courses in database programming and programming languages like Python, PHP,Java, and SQL. 

Jobs in Web Development are now in demand  since companies use websites where users reach them.There are 5,000 active job postings for web developers existing on  The estimated average annual salary of web developers may count even six figures . The average annual salary for front end web developers is even higher. 

From developing mobile interfaces to pushing the limits of modern web applications, companies are investing in small business enterprises  and expanding their online presence.

Became a pro in designing a website with valuable skills and design responsive website and accessible web with portofolio which generate  passive incomes.

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