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How to start small business and earn passive income   



Lydia Stephens empowering innovation and small enterprise business
@Lydiastephens · Posted 11 Apr. 2021

Make money on your own time and be your own boss.There are unique small business ideas Which  will inspire you to start a business.Here are the types of business which you can start and be a CEO of your business

  • Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping. 

  • Business Consulting.

  • Website Design and web development

  • Online Tutoring.

  • Selling of clothes

  • Mobile Hairdresser Services.

  • Cleaning Services.

  • Selling of roadside food

With this type of business you don't need huge capital to start with only $10 you are good to go and become a boss.Also with the ideas of small business no need to be employed by someone since the business can provide basic needs for your family or even can pay expenses.

When starting the business ,if you don't have capital for the start-up you can lend money from friends,family, saccos and also you can use personal savings.Not only can your money/capital  help the business grow, but also  the power directly into the hands of employees  and consumers.Once you start a business you can make upto $30 per day depending with the flow of clients.

There are advantages of small businesses firm which entrepreneur enjoys

  • You stress less. Nothing is more stressful than a cash flow crunch.

  • You deliver better work.

  • You enjoy profit alone 

  • Your finances are easier to forecast. A smaller, financially stable lifestyle business has simpler revenue and easy to manage expenses

  • One is able to build genuine relationship with the customers

  • You adapt faster to the market.

  • There is independence ownership

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