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How long does it generally take a web based business to become profitable?   

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Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Posted 24 Mar. 2021

How can I make my online business grow faster?, What is the success rate of online businesses? How much does the average online business make? How can I succeed online business?


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 24 Mar. 2021

There is nothing like growing your online business "faster". Legit online business /hustles take time to build up. Even if you have unlimited capital, there is no way you can make millions of people trust your business in a snap. Therefore, you need to grow your business slowly from the ground up.

Online / web-based businesses will require a considerable amount of time to grow them. Yes, if you have a good amount of money for promotion and advertisement, you can have a speedy growth, but all the same, you will still need to invest a great amount of time and money to see your business grow. Plus, a good online business should grow orgnaically. That means you need to nurture it like a kid, and let it grow momentarily. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 24 Mar. 2021

It really depends on you, and how you run things. I don't think there's a definite time frame a web based business takes to become profitable, because we don't know what kind of business it is, and what you offer. 

It really comes down to a few things;

  • Can this business give me profit?
  • Is there already a competitor out there? Can I do better than them?
  • What is the aim of my company?
  • How do I expect to make money?

There's really no knowing how long it will take, as it depends solely on you and how you run things. Some people can start out of the gate winning, but sometimes it won't be easy, and you won't make sales or get business right away. It will take time. 

Also the average business is too vague, as what constitutes an average business? There are so many different jobs out there, that some may be considered average, and may pay tons more than one another. 

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