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How do you deal with rejection from someone you love ?   


Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 22 May. 2020

What are your tips for dealing with rejection from a job, friend, coworkers, crush, etc?


Mathews James
@Mathews · Posted 30 Sep. 2020

I know rejection hurts, but don't let it hold you back from living the awesome life you deserve.

When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.” ― Shannon L. Alder

“I don't want anyone who doesn't want me.” ― Oprah Winfrey

“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ― Steve Maraboli,

“Your suffering needs to be respected. Don't try to ignore the hurt, because it is real. Just let the hurt soften you instead of hardening you. Let the hurt open you instead of closing you. Let the hurt send you looking for those who will accept you instead of hiding from those who reject you.” ― Bryant McGill

“I know that when a door closes, it can feel like all doors are closing. A rejection letter can feel like everyone will reject us. But a closed door leads to clarity. It's really an arrow. Because we cannot go through that door, we will go somewhere else. That somewhere else is your true life.” ― Tama J. Kieves

“Rejection is more valuable than inaction. All that I have learned until now has been because of rejections. Inaction didn’t teach me a thing.” ― Neeraj Agnihotri

“So many people will tell you ”no”, and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them ”watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong. Be unstoppable. Refuse to give up, no matter what. It’s the best skill you can ever learn.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

“It’s common to reject or punish yourself when you’ve been rejected by others. When you experience disappointment from the way your family or others treat you, that’s the time to take special care of yourself. What are you doing to nurture yourself? What are you doing to protect yourself? Find a healthy way to express your pain.” ― Christina Enevoldsen

“Not everyone will like you or take the time to understand you. Some people lack the capacity. Don’t worry; it’s okay. Their acceptance or rejection doesn’t change your worth one bit. Hold your head up and live your life regardless, knowing not everyone is worthy of you.” ― Richelle E.

“Rejection is the friend you never knew you needed. It usually saves you time and money.” ― Kevin Darné,


Avyanna Dream Site Admin
@admin · Posted 22 May. 2020

You have had your high hopes quashed. It could be you have learned your love wasn’t mutual or your friends ghosted you when you needed them most. It hurts without a doubt and can be very depressing. Just so you know, no one has ever succeeded in anything,  whether in love, career, etc. without first suffering rejection.

Being rejected doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t liked or valued, it only  means that one time, in one situation, with one person, one company, the list goes on, things didn’t pan out as you expected. I can bore you with countless ways to deal with rejection, but I think this awesome quote from the Chelsea Handler, the comedian, will surely put a huge smile on your face.


Chelsea Handler

Embrace rejection, whether it's from a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a coworker, or a boss. Rejection doesn't feel like something you want to embrace, but rejection is never permanent. Just like success is never permanent, and the sooner, you can embrace rejection, the sooner you get through it. Usually, rejection catapults us all into this ball of despair, and insecure thoughts, and this self-consciousness, and have I ever made any right decisions, and am I fake? Am I even good at my job?

And we have to remember that when we go through those times in our lives, those are thoughts that are happening in our heads. These thoughts are only our thoughts. No one else defines you but you. Your perseverance and your tenacity is what people will remember. It's not that you will fall down because we know everyone falls down, and it is how you get back up, and that you continue to get back up. What other people think of you is never as important as what you think of yourself.



Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 23 May. 2020

Thank you so much. Chelsea's quote is very amazing. 


Tasty Chicken
@Tasty.Chicken · Posted 10 Jun. 2020

“It Ain’t How Hard You Hit…It’s How Hard You Can Get Hit and Keep Moving Forward. It's About How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward!” ― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

Last bit reminded me a bit of this, beautiful post!


Sarfraz Ali
@Sarfraz.Ali · Posted 11 Sep. 2020

Well what if we take that rejection as pillar of motivation to re build ourselves into an even stronger and better person? Yes , we sure can do that , while relying on the statement '' time heals everything.''


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 24 Sep. 2020

It is the hardest pill to swallow. But if it happens, we are left with very few choices but to accept and move on. 

Quite a cliche, but if you have tried resolving the issue and it is not working, it is good to just move on. I would find some activity or persons to engage me wholly. Body, soul and mind will have to be immersed in some activity that will completely utilize my entire self. That way, i will have less time to think about the fact that I have been rejected in the first place. 

But this is easier said than done. The most recommended move, if it is really taking a toll of you, is to see professional help from a qualified counsellor. 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 10 Jun. 2020

Rejection from someone you love is hard, especially if it is from someone who is supposed to love you like a parent or sibling. Having grown up with a mother who no matter what I did or how much I did, it was never enough for her taught me that some people can't be pleased and it is not my responsibility to please them. It is harder when you are younger but as you get older you realize rejection is seldom about the one being rejected and more about the person doing the rejecting.


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Posted 07 Oct. 2020

I think rejection is a part of life. 

People have choices; and those choices should be respected. Whether its a job rejection, an unreconciliable relationship, or a pitch turned down; these are people's choices.

And we have no choice but to accept rejection as such.

My Personal Rejection Story: When I first started out as a writer a few years back as a 16-year-old, I sent short stories and novel snippets to numerous publications. I competed in hundreds of writing competitions, free and premium. But I got rejected every time. 

I was literally getting rejected three to five times a week. It was really depressing.

I was so depressed about the whole thing, that I almost quit writing. But then I listened to a George R.R Martin podcast; the game of thrones guy. This man's first major novel breakthrough (Game of Thrones) came after suffering rejection and floating around the writing industry for 19 years. 

I took his advice and I have handled rejection, in all aspects of my life, pretty well ever since. Today, I own a whole first page on Google under the pen name 'Writelord'

Rejections are life lessons in disguise.

The fact that someone or some company doesn't see your value doesn't mean you're a bad egg. Your acceptance is coming soon. You just have to shrug off rejection and persevere in life.

I hope this inspires someone.


Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Updated 22 May. 2020

This could be really disheartening when you love someone and they seem to reject you, but what i can say is that do not deny yourself happiness to please someone, yet continue walking with love as always and all will be cool.


Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 23 May. 2020

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.


Gloria Amethyst
@Amethyst · Posted 15 Oct. 2020

It's quite hard dealing with rejection especially from people that you love. Firstly, I like to feel. All the emotions, if it's pain, anger, sadness, whatever. I just let myself feel so as not to bottle it all up and making it into a bigger personal problem. Then I cry, as much as I want. Let it all out. And then i take as much time that I need to fully recover. Some days are better than some but with time  and being gentle with yourself everything will be okay.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Updated 14 Oct. 2020

How do I deal with rejection? Well, I look at it this way. We fail often in our lives, and we learn from those failures to better ourselves. Rejection is one of those inevitable failures in life. I've been rejected by girls, jobs, and even my friends from time to time. I deal with it by moving on as best I can. If it's a girl, I know then that there is no chance of her being into me, so I move on. It sucks, but eventually, that feeling goes away and you move on to the next step in your life.  


Anthony Williams
@Anthony · Posted 18 Dec. 2020

My 2 cents would be, just move on and don't fixate about it or even try to find closure. It's a sheer waste of time. There are more deserving and beautiful people waiting to be a part of your life outside. 


Louie Ayade I promote services and I help people
@LouieA30 · Updated 21 Dec. 2020

If I will be rejected by someone whom I love so much, I think I will feel mix terrible feelings. It would be hard to decide what will I do moving forward. It is the ladder to move-on or the bridge of unacceptance? Is it maintaining the stupid toxicity in life or letting go of what already happened?

Honestly, I don't have any experience of being rejected. However, as I saw this question, it made me skeptic about who really I am and what is my attitude if I will be rejected. 

So I think deeply, and what came into my mind is the word "acceptance", this should be divulged to everyone. Accepting is the first process. To accept that he/she doesn't like you must be normalized because all of us have our own perception of rejection. Followed, is to tell them that we can still be friends even though they already rejected us. This step is toxic, meaning, it speaks about yourself that even if your feelings were being tripped, you still know that there is a friendship or an open road. Lastly, is to seek another love. I know this ain't easy, but let me tell you that there are many people in the world. THE LORD GOD HAS PUT SOMEONE WHO IS MEANT FOR YOU!

That's why, no matter what happened, rejection is only part of life, Just trust the future :)

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