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How do you bring up your partner's poor hygiene that has reached an alarming level?   


Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 15 Jul. 2021


Osheen Sharma 
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 15 Jul. 2021

I'd say you should bring it up in a considerate way. There is no knowing why someone might suddenly start neglecting themselves to the point of alarm. Let them know that you care about them and just want to know if everything is okay. I understand that some people have bad hygiene, and there is no big reason for it. However, if someone has suddenly started to have poor hygiene, it could be linked with some emotional/mental stressor. My advise is to be honest and kind about the matter. 


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 23 Jul. 2021

You just have to be honest with them and don't be mean about it. I have had to tell my husband he had bad breath before. It took me weeks to tell him but I just couldn't not say anything any longer. I was afraid I would hurt his feelings and he wasn't bothered by me telling him at all. He said he would rather me tell him than someone else tell him and he gets embarrassed in a public setting. 

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