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How do we overcome feelings of despair and suicidal thoughts?   

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Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Posted 18 May. 2021


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Updated 21 May. 2021

Despair is an emotion we all have from time to time. It could be a result of failure, heartbreak or financial difficulties. Everyone goes through the motions, even the super rich have their problems. And that's totally fine,  provided we think positively.

Despair left unchecked can lead to suicidal thoughts. Now that's bad.

Some people have it really bad in life. So bad that we can't even imagine what they're going through. Some have experienced childhood trauma that has seriously affected their lives. Others have lost mental cognition and even limbs. While a few think life is a simulation.

But here's the thing about suicide. It solves nothing. It only leaves the people we love in pain and hurt.

Indeed, life is a mess. We live just to work to survive. And die. That's as good as it gets. We don't take our hard work to the grave.

But on the other hand, Life is a blessing. To be awake and alive is no ordinary feat. Its a truly magnificent feeling to wake up every morning, motivated by the possibilities of life.

No one should ever trade this waking moments for a sad, self-inflicted death. Suicide solves nothing.

Be alive and take life one day at a time. Go off social media. Chase opportunities. Take the risks; enjoy the benefits and smile.

You only have one life. Let nature determine its expiry date.


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 18 May. 2021

These feelings occur when we were frustrated about something or someone. So the best thing to do is to separate ourselves from the triggers or causative agents for the frustration. For suicidal thoughts, one should just understand his self-worth. Those who commit suicide often think that their life is not worth living. And this is always wrong. 


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 18 May. 2021

Sadly it's not that easy. People who suffer from severe depression and suicidal thoughts, don't have the ability sometimes to push past those feelings. Telling someone who is depressed to understand their self-worth isn't going to do it. 

It really comes down to getting them the help they need. Anyone who talks about suicide, is a high risk for it. And sometimes a suicidal person can keep it hidden, they could be happy go lucky, but dread every day. But they show a different face to make everyone around them happy and not worry. 

My thoughts on this, is to get help. And that's easier said than done, because a lot of people suffering from depression are scared to ask for it. So sometimes they need to rely on family and friends to help them get through it. 

My suggestions is to talk to a trained professional. If you ever have suicidal thoughts, pick up the phone and call a close friend, or a suicide hotline where you can speak with a person who will listen to you. 

I've never considered committing suicide myself. It has run through my mind, like "what would happen if I was gone", but it was never to a point where I even considered it for one second. I could never put my family through that, especially my brother. And I think when times are rough, there is always someplace you can go to find some form of help. 

If you have these thoughts often, seek medical help, seek a therapist out. If you don't want to do that, speak with a close friend, or even a stranger on the internet. Sometimes support can be everywhere. 


Dave Beer
@Dave · Posted 23 May. 2021

I was really close to ending my life many years ago. I didn’t like the way my life was headed. Had no girlfriend nor any close friends then to share anything with.  I was always by myself depressed and frustrated with life, cried almost every day. Just wanted to end it.

18 years on, I`m really glad I didn’t do it. I have a great job now, financially stable and doing okay but not perfect.  Whenever I`m down with negative thoughts, I watch my favorite comedian show on YouTube and laugh my stress away,  read books, and sometimes go to the gym and punch sandbag.


Sonal Sonale
@ssonalese · Posted 23 May. 2021

There is a very quiet and clean café near me where I go for healing every now and then whenever I have panic attacks. I became really close with the café owner, who is really nice and understanding and the coffee is very, very good too. He allows me to stay as long as I want. I sometimes help him out with cleaning the floor and clearing the tables when his customers leave.

Drawing while sipping my super delicious coffee is what brings me pleasure and happiness and helps divert my anxiety and depression.

Talking to someone you trust, like the café owner in my case, and spending time with those you like are good actions that can help anyone overcome any feeling of despair.

I found out that avoiding isolation and not shutting people out help in a big way.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 23 May. 2021

Finding an outlet is important. I know when this kind of thing happens, it is not easy. Sometimes it is completely out of character as well. If you feel it is not normal for you and you otherwise don't think/feel this way, it might be worth getting hormone levels and vitamin levels checked as depression can be brought on an imbalance or a deficiency. One of the most common ones being D3, this has been proven to affect mental health big time if you don't have enough of it! 

As with anything, I think it is important to also have a support system be it a close friend, a therapist you trust, or God. It helps to talk and feel a connection is being made so you feel heard and understood. 

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