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Do you still collect physical media?   


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 23 Oct. 2021

Do you guys still collect physical media? Like DVDs/Blu-Rays - Video games, movies, tv, music, etc. And books, and more. 

I used to purchase a lot of movies on Blu-Ray and DVD in the past, as well as video games, but these days I rarely bother to buy anything physical. I just usually rent or buy via digital, and honestly I haven't looked back in years now. I don't think I will ever buy physical media again, unless it's like a collectors edition. But, what about you? 


Godwin Oladele I write content
@Writelord · Posted 24 Oct. 2021

I live in a studio apartment so I can't really collect things.

But someday, I hope to rent a bigger apartment and have me a library full of books tbh.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 25 Oct. 2021

I don't have the space for it and my husband and I are planning on moving. It would be a mistake to have any sort of collection but I would like to start one after we move. You never know when the internet could go down and it helps to have things to enjoy. I want to get some old gaming consoles as well. 


Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 25 Oct. 2021

My parents used to collect cassettes and CDs back in the late 90s, but we ended up giving away the collection as they aged out and newer things came in. I do however, still collect books. When I was in school, I learned about the environmental impact of overproduction and such. It made me feel guilty about collecting physical things, and I stopped for a while. Now I just buy second-hand books. It is better environmentally, and it makes me happy. I like to think of it as book rescue.

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