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Do you really feel connected enough to your teammates while working from home? Why or why not?   


Joe Ball
@JoeBall · Posted 27 Feb. 2021


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 28 Feb. 2021

I feel sometimes I'm even more connected. Because if I want to, I could jump onto Discord, jump into my work chat and we can talk all day. We also voice chat and even do meetings right there. If anything it makes life a tad bit easier. 

But, I think it does affect people in a way, because we do need that human connection, and getting it through a screen doesn't usually work right. 


Jessica Naz
@Jessicaa · Posted 08 Mar. 2021

Yes, I try my level best to spend most of my time with my team mates because I strongly believe that it gives you the opportunity to get to know them better: their strengths, their weaknesses, what interests they have inside and outside work. You’ll have a better idea of what they want their future to look like and how you and your company might play a role.

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