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Do you like motivation video?   


Edgar Isk
@edgar1995 · Updated 03 Aug. 2021

Motivation today

plz watch and follow and say your opinion about it!

Its so important for me


Bomb . Carpe Diem...
@bomb · Posted 03 Aug. 2021

It is a good one. But the background music is too loud! I couldn't get most of the message. The background music should the back. 

Otherwise, i got the first bit of the video, which was powerful. That the mind is the most powerful and complex part. This is true. The human mind has endless possibilities. It is just that we sometimes limit it ourselves. 


Edgar Isk
@edgar1995 · Posted 04 Aug. 2021

Thanks for opinion! It’s so important for me I will be very happy if you will follow and share my video I will do better

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