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Do you enjoy the outdoors during winter?   


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 17 Oct. 2020

Do you like being outside during the cold winter months or are you a home person and staying warm? I'll go for walks during the winter when it's not too bad out but besides that I usually like to stay inside. I know there are some people that enjoy going for long hikes during the winter no matter how cold it gets. I need to be more like this and get out of my comfort zone in the winter.


Ryan M
@RyanM · Posted 17 Oct. 2020

I tend to stay in most of the time during the winter season, but I will go out sometimes. I like snowshoeing. It takes some getting used to, but it's a great workout and can be fun. I also like building caves in the snow still. Did it as a kid and never stopped. My nieces and nephews love when I build the caves. I even tried my hand one year making an igloo. :D 


Ryan B
@Pizzafan2020 · Posted 18 Oct. 2020

I've tried snowshoeing a few times and you are right in it's pretty hard to get used to but it is fun and a cheaper winter hobby. I have nephews and a niece as well and they are at a young age where they are really excited by the snow so its fun building snow forts and snowman with them.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 18 Oct. 2020

I don't mind it because I love breathing in cooler air. It feels refreshing. I actually enjoy shoveling as well because it is a great workout that is masked by actually getting something done. It also feels great to not be overly sweaty after. Generally going around and about, I am not a fan of traveling in a car when I know there could be ice on the road. Other than that, I do enjoy the winter months.

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