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Covid-19 vaccine speed vs safety?   

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Avyanna Dream  Site Admin
@admin · Updated 09 Sep. 2020

I know tons of people are super elated that the government is making a lot of efforts to approve a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible for our well being, but Im tad warry of the fact that the focus on speed rather than safety might scare people out of taking it. This is like rolling the dice on it and see how everything pans out.


Yuri R
@yurir · Posted 09 Sep. 2020

I think governments have certain protocols before releasing a vaccine so I believe it should be relatively safe. Even in any press conferences talking about it, medical professional say it is way off even if successful because of regulations.


Debbie Katz Free Spirit
@debkatz78 · Posted 09 Sep. 2020

Rushing vaccinations is never a good idea. I feel that when this happens, reactions and side-effects both short and longterm get overlooked and people end up suffering because of these vaccinations. I don't believe in flu vaccination either. I never had one (even as a child) and I don't want one. I rarely get sick and when I do, I am better in 3 days tops. My immune system is doing what it should and I want to keep it that way. For people who do want to get these vaccinations, I recommend taking good quality vitamin C (1000 mg minimum daily) a week before and a month after just to protect your body.


Sarfraz Ali
@Sarfraz.Ali · Posted 10 Sep. 2020

Most countries affected by COVID-19 will be able to develop the COVID-19 vaccine, but they are reluctant to use it because they want the COVID-19 vaccine to be eliminated and the vaccine to be used as soon as possible.


Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Posted 10 Sep. 2020

The frenetic race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine has intensified safety concerns about an inoculation, prompting governments and drugmakers to raise awareness to ensure their efforts to beat the coronavirus aren’t derailed by public distrust.

There are more than 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in development globally, including more than 20 in human clinical trials. U.S. President Donald Trump has vowed to have a shot ready before year’s end, although they typically take 10 years or longer to develop and test for safety and effectiveness.

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