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Being a part of nature for posterity.   

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Osheen Sharma
@Osheen.Sharma · Posted 09 Jan. 2022

Death is a grim subject and people often avoid talking or thinking about it. However, when they do reach a point where death is a real possibility; people like to pick how their physical being leaves this worlds. The common ones that people pick from are burial and cremations. They may have special wishes about how they'd like their ashes scattered, if at all. The more unique request would be to have the ashes turned into a synthetic diamond so as to allow the family to feel close to the deceased. 

One such unique method that works beautifully for people who would like to be returned to nature is being eternalized as a reef. Coral reefs suffer immense damage from the microplastics and such we discard into the ocean. The reef ecosystems are being lost at alarming rates and so marine biologists and various organizations are stepping up conservation efforts. One such organization creates reef balls from ecofriendly/marine-grade concrete so as to regenerate coral as well as other oceanic ecosystems. The cremated remains of the deceased are incorporated into the cement mixture, making them a part of the artificial reef formations. 

Not only does this allow the deceased to be a part of the conservation and repopulation effort but it also allows the loved ones to visit the site and feel closer to the person they've lost. Additionally, one could also use the same for other members instead of having to find family burial grounds. 

It is a beautiful way of becoming one with nature while contributing to it's restoration.

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