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A unique instruction while driving on Highways   


Maria Garner I love to alllllllll.
@Maria-Garner · Updated 13 Jun. 2020

Alert drive on the highway is about more than proper driving. So keep your cool while driving on highways.

A unique instruction I've seen while driving on Highway;



Joe Waiganjo
@Techy.Rack · Posted 17 Jun. 2020

Some drivers have been confused by a road in London because arrows painted in the street point in both directions while one-way signs tell users to go the wrong way. The changes on Pavilion Road in Knightsbridge have been made because of works taking place on a nearby route. Kensington and Chelsea Council said the road signs had been covered by bags but may have been removed.


Mike John
@mikejohn · Posted 13 Jun. 2020

Oops!Right, but if she is going to sleep while driving, then?


Maria Garner I love to alllllllll.
@Maria-Garner · Posted 13 Jun. 2020

Hey Man! You wouldn't be even touching her private parts if she was falling asleep :) 


Tasty Chicken
@Tasty.Chicken · Posted 28 Jun. 2020


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