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The Primary Goal of Avyanna Community is to inspire and motivate others as we face the challenges of life each day.

We are looking to bring in many diverse and beautiful voices like you to share their perspectives on arrays of subjects that are important to us all and get the chance to make Money, nurture, and grow your audience at the same time.

We are starting a contest, “Avyanna’s Dream inspirers”, wherein we shall be allocating one topic in each niche listed on our website like General, Personal, Daily Motivation, Faith, Self Improvement, Lifestyle, Motivation, Health & Beauty, Technology, Dating / Romance. Politics, etc.

How can you participate?
  • Go to and register, preferable with your PayPal email id
  • Look for your niche of interest and share your valuable insights
  • Share it with your friends and family through your social media accounts to accumulate points quickly.

What do you win out of the competition?
  • Well, this is an opportunity for you to earn both readers and money. With every vote that you get, you receive certain points, upon reaching certain milestones) of the points, you get credit ($$of an equivalent monetary value in your PayPal account.
  • The first participant to reach 3000points on each niche question on the main page wins the contest.

  • # Position Price
    1 1st Price 20$
    2 2nd runner up 10$
    3 3rd runner up 7$
    4 4th runner up 6$
    5 5th runner up 5$

    And the first user to reach 3000points on the `My Space` session contest gets 20$

  • Avyanna has tons of active readers, who will be roped into your insights immediately after you submit them.

Contest Questions

In order to be fair to all the participants, it is imperatively important to set the rules out straight.

  1. You can choose to share your insights on the topic given in one or more niche. You can even choose to share your thoughts on an entirely independent topic in the, “My Spaces” section.
  2. Your insight should not be less than 300 words.
  3. Should be original and plagiarism-free.
  4. Moderators will have the right to remove any post that they think violates Avyanna Policy.
  5. Winners (with permission) of each niche contest will be published on the site.

Hints to accumulating points faster

  1. Bring positive vibes to a worried world/people by offering an upbeat and motivational solution to the topics asked in the contest.
  2. Share your post (by using the sharing link buttons) with friends, family, and on social medial pages
  3. Craft a thoughtful and personalized response to comments that you receive.

You can reach the moderators via the Contact Page with any questions you have.

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