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1-We are currently offering compensation for a thought-provoking, inspiring, motivating, touching, or life-changing experience (in the range of 900+ words) of your life. Not the one you’ve read or heard. The one you or someone close to have lived. We will send you a New and Original Mi2 wrist band, or a high-quality universal wallet, or it’s a beautiful thing T-shirt with a Swan logo and hat to match and may include a perpetual calendar as a bonus. Conditions- The story(how love walked into your life, a remarkable weight loss, how you overcame adversity, near-death experience, bullies, toxic relationship,etc.,) should be a true one .

2(A)-Got any great joke(s) or anything funny that made you laugh lately? Friend’s or colleague’s behaviors? Funny signs? Send your contributions and we will send you a luxury twistball pen, and stylish humidifier. (B) Got any good and original post in the range of 600+ words on any topics: Music, Movie, Dating and Romance, SEO, Fashion, etc. Send us your contributions, and we will send you a high quality it’s a beautiful thing T-shirt with a unique swan logo and perpetual calendar. We may include a cool and stylish it’s a beautiful thing hat, depending on the quality of your contribution. Conditions for all Submissions. 1- All submissions (or video clips) should be previously unpublished or shared. 2- Should be original and no plagiarism, hate speech, and copyrighted images that belong to someone else

3- Include your full name, and correct address (no PO Box, please) By submitting your story/clip, you agree to the following: Your story may be used on our blog posts and/or print or electronic media owned by Avyanna without a time limit.

4- If accepted for publication and upon proof of sending and receiving our compensation, you agree not to submit your story to other publications. You agree that you are the sole owner of all the rights to the story and have the authority to grant the rights herein. Email your submission today to: If you are submitting for the first time, make sure to register your name on and check the blog session for our selected and published posts/stories. We will be in touch if your material is selected. Let us know if you want your story/post/clip to be published anonymously.

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