The Two Roses

As soon as Angela opened her eyes and regained consciousness, she found herself in a hospital room, on the bed surrounded by beeping machines

                                                                                         The Two Roses


As soon as Angela opened her eyes and regained consciousness, she found herself in a hospital room, on the bed surrounded by beeping machines. But, seeing this brought tears to her eyes. These tears were not of sorrow or pain but happiness and joy. The story behind this is seven years old. Angela had completed her schooling and had moved to New York for her college education. It was her first day at college, and she was nervous, as she knew nobody there. But gradually, as she started socializing with people and got comfortable, she made a few friends with whom she started hanging out.  

Soon, three months had passed by, and Angela was genuinely enjoying her time in college. But one thing she had noticed in these times was that there was a cute boy who often used to look at her quite adorably, but he never came forward to talk to her. She used to wonder and think about him a lot. And one day a strange thing happened, she had a dream in which that boy was there with her! So, over the next few days, Angela was confused, thinking that should she go ahead and talk with him, but whenever she thought of going ahead the same thought struck her mind. “What will I say to him?” she used to wonder and forget the idea. 

A few days later, preparations were going on in the college for a festival. Everyone was busy decorating and organizing everything to make sure the event proceeded smoothly. Angela was also active with decorating a hall and was engrossed in her task when suddenly, out of nowhere the boy who used to look at her came and placed a letter in her hand. Before Angela could realize what just happened he ran away and they didn’t even have a moment to talk. Now, this made Angela very curious to find out what was in that letter. She was excited and nervous at the same time. And she couldn’t wait to reach back home to read what was in the letter.

No sooner had she got home from college than she opened the letter written in the most beautiful handwriting she had ever seen.

Hi, my name is Drake. I study in the other section of our college. And I have to admit, the moment I first saw you, my heart melted away. I have been secretly admiring you every day I go to college and whenever I get my chance I used to observe you quietly. Just seeing you makes my day a whole lot better. I know this is wrong of me never to introduce myself or talk to you. But I could never gather the courage. So, that’s why I am writing this letter to you. I really like you, and I want to know you better. If you too feel the same way about me, then I will be placing two roses tomorrow on the wall of our basketball court. If you also like me and want to know me better, then take one rose with you. If you do so, I will understand what you mean. And if you don’t feel the same way, then I am sorry and you can ignore this letter. Yours truly, Drake”


Butterflies ran through her stomach after reading this! Angela was thrilled and excited. Finally, Drake had introduced himself and she too had developed feelings for him! So, she decided that she would take the rose tomorrow. That night Angela couldn’t sleep at all. She kept on thinking about Drake and how their first meeting would be. The next morning, she woke up all excited and happy. After reaching college, the first thing that she did was go straight to the wall where Drake had placed the roses. Now, Angela paused for a moment before picking up the rose. Thousands of thoughts were rushing through her mind. But then eventually she picked up the rose and carefully placed it into her bag. She kept the rose with the utmost care and loved it as if it was a diamond necklace.  

After Angela had picked up the rose, she went to her class and attended college as usual. But she couldn’t find Drake anywhere the entire day. When she reached home, the only thing on her mind was Drake. And not seeing him today made her anxious. She kept on wondering as to why he didn’t show up to meet her. The next day when Angela went to college the first thing that she did was asked Drake’s classmates about where he was. Nobody knew where he had gone. A few days passed by and Drake did not turn up to college. Angela was growing more and more restless. This anxiety was driving her crazy and she wanted to meet Drake as soon as possible.

Now, finally, after five days when Angela went to college, she was thrilled to see Drake waiting outside the cafeteria, he was blushing and smiling. She ran up to him and asked: “Where had you disappeared to”?

He replied “I’m so sorry to go missing like this, but I was not well and was down with a fever, so I stayed home. That’s all”. 

“You had driven me crazy with anxiety!” laughed Angela.

And from that day onwards, Angela and Drake started going out together. They got to know each other better. And this continued for almost an entire year. Slowly they grew passionate about each other and started to fall in love! Angela could not imagine a single day without seeing Drake, and neither could he. Their relationship was truly strong and beautiful. They would go on long romantic walks in the evening, hand in hand, enjoying the sunset. Also every week they enjoyed candle night dinners with each other. Often their talks continued for hours at a stretch and they used to forget everything around them. Their love and desire for each other had grown to new heights. Life was going perfect for Angela and Drake and they could not live without each other.

Now after almost 2 years, their college was about to finish. Both of them were graduating and Angela decided to pursue her further education here in New York City, whereas Drake decided to move out of state for his education. This was a huge turning point in their relationship and lives. Angela and Drake didn’t want to leave each other but they had to, due to circumstances. The next day they had decided to meet each other one last time and exchange all their details so that they could be in touch and continue their relationship no matter what. They planned to meet at the restaurant near their college. But, the next day when Angela reached the restaurant to meet Drake, he was not there! 

She waited the entire day for Drake to come. She called several times on his phone but it was switched off. Now, after waiting till midnight, she realized that he was not coming. Devastated and heartbroken, Angela sat there crying and weeping for hours. The next day she inquired everywhere about Drake but nobody knew where he had gone. His room too had been emptied and all his things were gone. After weeks of searching and trying, Angela could not find where he had gone. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get Drake off her mind. He was always there in front of her eyes, in her dreams but not in reality. Now to forget the past and move on in life, Angela decided to move to Los Angeles. She had received a job offer there as a school teacher. Shattered and broken after losing Drake, she left New York City for Los Angeles.

Seven years had passed by, but Angela to this day had not forgotten about Drake. And she still had hope in her heart that one day he would come back to her. Now, as usual, Angela had finished teaching her class and was going to head home. She was going down a flight of stairs when suddenly she lost her balance and fell! She fell violently and lost consciousness. 

Now, this was the moment when Angela opened her eyes in the hospital and started to cry with tears of joy. And the reason behind this was that Drake was standing there right in front of her! She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was Doctor Drake standing in front of her. Destiny had brought them together again. 

Angela was shocked and happy beyond measure. She then asked Drake why had he left her and never returned?

“The day we were supposed to meet, I got a call from my mother in the morning informing me that my father had passed away. He had been in a car accident and lost his life. I was shattered and broken and my mother called me home immediately. I had to leave without informing you.” said Drake.

“I am so sorry to hear that. But why didn’t you call to inform me? You could have let me know, but you never came back.” asked Angela.

“The day I was leaving to go back home, my phone had fallen in the bathtub and it stopped working. I had lost all your contact details and that’s why I couldn’t call you. But I did come back for you my dear. I came back after two months when I had sorted everything at home. But you had moved from New York. I asked and inquired everywhere but nobody knew where you had gone. And I was left heartbroken. But deep inside my heart, I knew that I would find my love again.” said Drake.

Angela and Drake hugged each other with joy. After seven years, they were finally back together. And from there on their love story continued and they were finally together forever. And that’s the beautiful love story of the two roses!



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